Healthy Tips to Prevent Future Bone Deformities and Complications

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It is well known to us that after crossing a certain age in life, the overall height of most of the people decreases, the posture gets bent, and the spine gets shorter. Have you ever wondered what causes these deformities and immobility? Many of you might be knowing the facts while many others might not. These conditions occur as the bone gets weak and brittle. The bone mass density reduces that result in decreased bone health and endurance. As people age, the bones lose calcium, minerals, and fluids and becomes a victim of degenerative diseases like osteoporosis, arthritis, osteomalacia, osteopenia, and even bone cancer. 

When we talk about a healthy body, we also mean healthy bones. Bones are the framework of the body that helps protect organs, posture maintenance, provide support, stability, and movements to the body. Thus it is essential for us to give attention to bone health during childhood and adulthood to prevent future deformities. 

What causes bone deformities?

There are various factors that put bones at the risk of deformities. Some of the commonest factors are-

1) Alcohol and tobacco- Alcohol and tobacco have been known to cause adverse effects on bone health. The excessive and regular consumption of alcohol disturbs the body’s ability to absorb calcium.

2) Lack of physical activity- Your sedentary lifestyles can take a serious toll on your bones. A study suggests that people who were less physically active were at greater risk of bone diseases than others. 

3) Gender and age- Gender and age are two factors that highly contribute to bone diseases. People above the age of 35 are found to be at high risk of osteoporosis. Studies also suggest that women are more susceptible to develop bone problems than men. 

4) Family history- If you have a family history of arthritis, osteoporosis, or bone cancer then you need to take good care of your bones as it may increase your chances of getting bone issues.

5) Poor nutrition- Bones are made up of minerals such as collagens and calcium. And with times these minerals decreases. People who lack a rich nutrients diet often suffer from these debilitating conditions.

6) Other Conditions- There are some other factors such as medical conditions like abnormal thyroid functioning, Crohn's diseases, stomach surgeries, weight-loss surgeries, and medications also increases the chances of developing bone diseases.

Follow these healthy tips to prevent future bone deformities and complications.

1) Healthy eating is key to healthy bone. Your diet plays an incredible role in maintaining bone health. You can reduce your chances of future deformities if you add calcium, vitamin D, protein, and phosphorus-rich products in your diet. Foods like cereals, vegetables, fruits, milk, yogurt, fish, almonds, eggs, mushroom, liver, oats grains, etc are enriched with nutrients and found to have impressive benefits on bone health.

2) Reduce your caffeine and salt consumption. Having consumed in excess amounts both have been linked to adverse effects on bones. They interfere with the body’s ability to absorb calcium and disturb its level in the body.

3) Physical activity and exercise play a great role in strengthening bones and muscles as well as highly reduce the chances of occurring bone diseases. 

4) Spend sometimes in sunlight as the sun shines are a great source of vitamin D. You can also add fish, chia seeds, flax seeds, and walnuts to enrich your body with vitamin D.

5) Avoid alcohol consumption. Quit smoking and tobacco to promote overall health.

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