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Do you know that your lifestyle directly affects your immune system? The stronger your immune system will be, the more you can fight with germs, bacteria, viruses and chronic illness. You can boost your immune system by replacing bad habits with good ones. It becomes important for you to build strong immune system so that you can defend against chronic illness. Improving your diet,taking required nutrients, regular exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, adequate sleep plays a vital role in boosting your immune system.
Here is the list you can add in your day-to-day life to boost your immune system and cut down your sick days.
1. Eat a nutrient rich diet-
The most essential way to boost your immune system is the easiest way which includes: right diet and exercise.Eating healthy diets rich in calcium, magnesium, iron, and proteins can prevent you from getting  various illness. A healthy diet contains fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, and whole grains that defend your body against germs.
2. Exercise regularly-
Regardless of keeping a body in your shape, exercise does a lot to your body. Eating healthy and regular exercise is the most important key factors for the strong immune system. According to studies, it has been proved that people who live sedentary lifestyles are more prone to get cold and some other infectious disease.
3. Get enough sleep-
There is a strong association between your sleep and immune system. If you do not take enough sleep, your body becomes vulnerable to various illness. For the reactivation of your body and the strong immune system, it is recommended you to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep.
4. Wash your hands with soap and water-
Washing your hands with soap and water especially after visiting public places, washrooms, toilets, handshake could be the best way to prevent illness. Keeping your hands clean prevent you from various germs and bacteria that adversely affect your immune system.
5. Use hand sanitizer-
If you are out somewhere and do not have adequate facilities of water and soap,keeping hand sanitizer with you would be the  best option.
6. Add yogurt in your diet-
Yogurt is full of protein and calcium and a best food that boost immunity and reduces your chances of  catching common cold and flu that seems to be present everywhere.
7. Garlic-
Garlic has been considered as one of the most potent foods that has tremendous power to fight against germs and bacteria. It helps build immune system as well as also prevent from various form of cancer.
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