Here are some potential signs and symptoms that you must not ignore at any cost

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Surely, we all have days when we feel little down and do not want to get out of bed to start our day. There might be some days when you do not feel like doing anything at all. Your body may need more downtime to get back into the swing of things. During those days you may observe intense fatigue, frequent mood changes, hopelessness, weakness, body pain, muscle ache, increased urination, persistent fever, etc. Little changes in the ways your body reacts is ok but when it continues for prolonged period of time, you seriously need to pay attention, as it may warn you against some serious illness. 

There are some symptoms that we keep ignoring and do not give much concern to them, which may require immediate medical help. Sometimes ignoring these symptoms may cause long lasting detrimental effects on the physical or mental health and in some cases it may lead to sudden death. So if you feel that something is not right or something is unusual or different with your health, you must take a visit with your doctor.

Here are some potential signs and symptoms that you must not ignore at any cost.
1) Intense Headache-
Experiencing headache is common and does not require much worry and attention. As it may be due to the migraine, tension and anxiety. But, experiencing pain which is intense, severe, long lasting and more frequent should not be avoided as it may due to sudden burst in veins, brain tumors and stroke. 

2) Unusual Bleeding-
There are some conditions that should not be ignored at any cost such as coughing up blood, blood while urination, unusual and heavy bleeding, etc. Unusual and heavy bleeding may warn you against hemorrhoids, anal fissure, colon cancer, lung cancer, bladder cancer, and, cervical cancer, etc.

3) Unexplained weight loss- 
Losing weight can make you happier if you are working hard for it. But unusual and unexpected weight loss and loss of appetite are highly worrisome condition that may alert you against serious illness. 

4) Sudden and extreme chest pain-
Sudden and extreme chest pain is one of the most feared symptoms that should not be ignored at any cost. A severe chest pain with sweating, anxiety, heartburn, vomiting, dizziness, and shortness of breath may alert you some deadly conditions such as heart attack. 

5) High or Persistent Fever-
Your body usually gets fever when it gets infected. This infection could be a urinary tract infection, pneumonia, tuberculosis, cancer, etc. Suffering from frequent with high degree of fever warrants you to schedule a doctor’s visit.

6) Leg Swelling-
Little swelling in legs could be due to your long sitting in office or excess walking.  But if swelling does not go with time and persisting with some other symptoms such as extreme fatigue, chest tightness, and shortness of breath, etc. Leg swelling due to accumulation of fluid should not be avoided and must be consulted with doctors to know the underlying conditions.
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