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Nowadays, joint pains and kidney stones are the very common problems, people are suffering from. But the question is that how many of you know that high level of uric acid in the blood is an affliction that causes these medical conditions and can lead to life-threatening diseases such as hypertension, gout, extreme joint pain, skin ulcer, kidney stone and kidney failure. Excessive consumption of non-vegetarian food, seafood junk food, bakery products, leafy vegetables, unhealthy life and sedentary lifestyles are some risk factors that attribute to the high level of uric acid. Let us know more about this malady.

High uric acid, which is also known as hyperuricemia is a medical condition that indicates the rise in the level of uric acid in the blood stream above normal. The level of normal uric acid is predefined for humans. For women 2.5 to 6 mg/dl is considered as a normal level while in men the range lies between 3.4 to 7 mg/dl. But certain risk factors increases the level of uric acid above 6 or 7 mg/dl that cause several ailments in the human body.


The risk factors for hyperuricemia include-

1 Obesity

2 Hypertension,

3. Diabetes,

4. Alcoholism

5. Family history 

Causes of High Uric Acid-

Some more common causes of high uric acid levels include -

1. Hypothyroidism 

2. Leukemia

3. Psoriasis

4. Obesity

5. Diuretic medications

6. Higher Intake of caffeine

7. High alcohol consumption

8. High consumption of red meat( purine-rich food)

9. High consumption of seafood

Problems associated with it-

1. Precipitation of uric acid in the kidneys in the form of stones

2. Reduction in urine output

3. Fever

4. Chills Fatigue

5. Chronic kidney disease

6. Painfully swollen thumb

7. Severe Joint Pain(Gout)

8. Kidney stone

9. Kidney failure

10. Hypertension 

11. Heart disease

When to consult a doctor-

The high uric level can be silent sometimes and does not show any symptoms until the problem gets worse. Having a high uric level should be treated on the time before it becomes deadly. If you suspect any of the symptoms talk to your doctor for the medical treatment. 


 Tips to maintain your uric level-

1. Keep yourself hydrated and drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water per day.

2. Avoid eating foods that are high in purine (red meat, seafood)

3. Avoid consumption of alcohol

4. Avoid excess of consuming  caffeinated drink  

5. Avoid excess consumption of spinach, beans, cauliflowers and mushroom.

6. Increase consumptions of milk, milk product and eggs.

7. Increase consumptions of fresh fruit juice

8. Include nuts and fruits in your diet

9. Take your medicine on time

10. Eat strawberries, tomatoes, apple, guava, oranges, banana and fibrous food.




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