How Protein Can Help You Lose Weight Naturally

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Are you striving hard to lose weight?You are cutting back on carbs and fats but not getting fruitful or desired results. You are working hard and opting so many ways to reduce your appetite. Eating less is no more a best feasible choice to your weight-loss plans. According to a new research it has been proved that eating more could help you lose your weight faster. Eating more refers here the more protein consumption. Protein plays a crucial role when it comes to satiating hunger with your meals. Persons, who diet, if double up their protein intake, will lose body fat faster and maintain more muscle mass than those who consume less. 

Some top dietitians and nutritionists recommend increasing protein intake; if you are one working on to maintain weight. According to them consuming more protein increases the rate at which body repairs and builds new muscles after workout. 

Protein is considered as one of the most important nutrients among other required nutrients for weight loss. It helps boost metabolism rates and maintains weight regulating hormones. It helps you build lean muscle mass. It helps you reduce weight by subduing your hunger. So, it is always good to double up protein intake but gradually.

1)Protein helps you eat fewer calories-Increasing protein intake changes the levels of various weight regulating hormones which send signals to brain when to eat and how much to eat. Consuming high protein increases the appetite-reducing hormone which in result leads to an automatic reduction in calorie intake.

2)Protein helps you burn calories faster-Protein has been linked to higher thermic effect compared to carbs and fats. It increases the digestion and metabolic rates and helps your calories burn faster. 

3)Protein satiates your hunger for longer-Protein has highly satiating ability which gives you feeling of fullness to the longest making it easier to cut calories. It also reduces your craving for more food in results reduces your calorie intake.

4)Helps prevent muscle loss-Weight loss is not always linked to fat loss but can also be linked to muscle mass loss and decreased metabolic rate. Losing muscles can be considered as side effect of weight loss that needs to be maintained when you work on losing body fat. Weight loss may also decrease your metabolic rate. Eating large amount of protein helps prevent muscle loss and also helps keep your metabolic rate higher.

How Much Protein is recommended?
It is recommended to intake 46 grams of protein to woman and 56 grams of protein to man to prevent deficiency if you are trying to lose weight or gain muscle.

Listing some foods that are packed with protein which helps you lose your excess weight faster and strengthen your muscles.

1)Spinach- Consuming spinach has tremendous health benefits on health. It is packed with protein and other nutrients which help you lose weight and also boost your health.

2)Chickpeas- Chickpeas are great source of protein and also packed with high amount of fibre. High-fibre content gives you feeling of fullness for longer in result reducing your calorie .

3)Eggs- Eggs are one of the superb sources of protein. The egg yolk is packed with high protein than any vegetables. It is also packed with vitamin B12, B2, selenium, etc.

4)Cheese and yogurt- Cheese has always been on top list of vegetarian’s favorite foods. Regardless of its taste, it is packed with multiple health benefits. Being rich in protein it helps shed down weight faster. Yogurt boosts up your metabolic rate, thus helping you to lose weight.

5)Chicken-If you are on your way of losing weight, you can go for roasted or grilled chicken.
Chicken is also a great source of protein which you can add to your plate.

6)Chia seeds-
Chia seeds have been used for centuries because of their high nutritional value. They are highly rich in protein which you can add in your food to enhance taste and texture.

Consulting a nutritionist or dietitian can help you lose weight without any deficiency or damage. To consult best dietician visit
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