How to Improve Concentration And Maintain Good Health During Examination?

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March has already come with the enormous amount of stress and pressure on students as well as parents. In India, month of March is considered as the examination period in which billions of students go through mental pressure to secure good marks in examination. As the examination’s date approaches near many students tend to lose their health as well as concentration level. It happens due to carelessness and avoidance of having food on time, lack of drinking enough water, lack of rest, anxiety of getting good marks, irregular sleep, lack of being physically active, sedentary lifestyles and many more. For a student it is extremely important to maintain good health and concentration level during examination for scoring good marks. So here, listing some ways, you can follow to maintain good health and improve concentration.
1) Exercise Regularly- 
According to a study of British Columbia University, it is found that doing exercise daily, improves your memorizing power and learning capabilities. It increases flow of oxygen into the brain and makes it work more efficiently. So it is recommended to perform mild exercise daily to improve brain function and concentration especially during examination time.
2) Add nutritious food to your plate-
Due to stress we usually skip having meal on time or do not focus on healthy and nutritious food. But do you know your food has lot to do with your memory and concentration power as well as your good health? Your food plays a great role in providing boost to your brain. So try to add more nutritious food such as fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, fish and whole grains. Focus on timely and healthy eating to maintain good health and to avoid health concerns.
3) Do not cut your regular sleep hours- 
Most of the students reduce their sleep hours during examination time and take only 3-4 hours of sleep. Cutting down sleeping hours can cause serious impact on the health. It might develop health issues and disturb concentration power. It may also hamper your learning and memorizing ability. According to a study, students who take proper sleep perform better than those who reduce their sleep hours.
4) Avoid too much caffeine consumption-
Too much caffeine consumption can hamper your sleep hours and over-stimulate your mind as a result it may make you feel tired and exhausted throughout the day. So avoid drinking caffeine rich product as much as possible, especially at bed time. Take a warm bath or perform mild exercise to relax your mind and body. 
5) Take a short Break- 
Take a short break after regular interval as sitting for too long can cause body pain. Take a short stroll outside or indulge in deep breathing or other form of effective Yoga to vitalize your energy. Keep your room ventilated for circulating the fresh air. Avoid stress by eliminating negative thoughts.
"Stay Healthy, Stay Fit."

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