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Do you often feel intense and severe pain on your one side of the head or lack of concentration in your work or studies? Do you feel dizziness or fatigue throughout the day? Do you have a problem with flickering lights or twinkling spotlight? Do you often sense numbness and weakness on one side of the body or your face? Do you feel difficulty in getting the words out from the mouth? You should worry about that. As you might be suffering from complex disease migraine that not only affects sufferer but also the people living with them. Its symptom varies from mild to severe.

These ways will help you to identify migraines

Aura- The disbalance of the nervous system comes under the aura that leads to vision loss, sensory and verbal disturbance, the problem in bright light, zigzag vision etc. In some migraine attack, patients may feel limb numbness or weakness.

Depression and irritation- People suffering from a migraine may feel depressed and down. Regular aerobic exercise reduces tension and can help prevent migraines.

Lack of restful sleep- A lot of people suffer from insomnia if they have migraine problem. In some cases, patients may sleep more than necessary due to drowsiness and lethargy caused by a migraine.

Sinus problem- People suffering from a migraine may have sinus symptoms that lead to blocked nose, watery and droopy eyes and fever.


Severe pain on one or both side of the head- People suffering from a migraine goes through severe pain usually one side of the head.

Eye pain- In most of the cases people suffer from eye pain and consult eye professionals that won't help relieve their headache.


Nausea or vomiting- According to a survey out of 100, 70 people face nausea and 30 people face vomiting. A patient suffering from nausea faces more difficulty in getting relief from medication than migraine sufferer with little nausea.

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