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Hepatitis, a chronic health disease that results in serious liver problem such as liver damage, liver failure or liver cancer. According to World Health Organization, 52 million Indian people are chronically infected with some form of hepatitis virus .Though hepatitis is not a death sentence now, but can be fatal with disastrous outcomes if not effectively treated on time.

Hepatitis is nothing but the inflammation of the liver that can be due to bacteria, viral infection, viruses, excessive alcohol, drugs, toxins, medication or autoimmune disease. It is categorized into 5 types that cause different symptoms in different person. The different types of hepatitis are A, B, C, D, and E. It is sad to say that 95 % of hepatitis patients do not notice symptoms earlier that lead to acute liver failure.So it is important to know its symptoms to combat the danger.

Its symptoms grow slowly and then progresses to a fatal stage.It may lead to liver fibrosis, liver cirrhosis and liver cancer .So it is recommended to keep eye on the changes occurring in your body to fight off chronic illness.

Let us know more about hepatitis symptoms-

2.Dark yellow urine
7.Grey/Dark colored stools
8.Abdominal pain
9.Joint pain and
10.Unexplained weight loss 
11.Loss of appetite

Know different types of Hepatitis in detail-

1.Hepatitis A-Hepatitis A is a food or water borne disease which usually spreads through contaminated food containing hepatitis virus.Its symptoms include yellowing of skin, vomiting, fever, loss of appetite .It is most common in pregnant women. The infection can be treated if diagnosed on time.
2.Hepatitis B-It is a most dangerous type of hepatitis which spread through the infected blood transfusion. Infected injection, infected partner, sharing stuffs with an infected person also put you at risk of getting hepatitis B.It can also spread by an infected mother to her child at birth. It can be prevented by a vaccine.
3.Hepatitis C-Though there is no vaccine for it but medication can help in suppressing 95% of its symptoms.
4.Hepatitis D- People with hepatitis B are more prone to get hepatitis D.There is no cure for it so you need to be alert and prevent it as it can be deadly and fatal.
5.Hepatitis E-It is a water-borne disease which spread through fecal matters that contaminates water supply.It is more common in areas with poor sanitation and lack of sanitary facilities.

Practicing good hygiene,not sharing drug needles,not sharing razors, not using someone else’s toothbrush,not touching spilled blood ,you can greatly reduce your chances of getting hepatitis.Be alert ,be safe.

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