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Careful personal hygiene prevents people from catching the infectious diseases or spreading germs, bacteria, and virus to others. Proper hygiene is a part of personal grooming and healthy habits that everyone should include in their part of life to keep themselves healthy and mentally fit. Practicing good body hygiene will not only help you look better but also make you feel good. People who do not follow good hygiene tips are often seen as unhealthy with body odor, bad breath, infectious skin etc.


Let’s know some healthy hygiene habits to minimize the risk of infection and enhance overall health status.

Bathe regularly. Clean your body and shampoo your hair regularly. You should bathe regularly to shed old and dead skin. If you do not bathe at regular intervals, your skins get infected that cause illness.

Trim your nails. Cut your nail because when they grow they start accumulating dirt and increase chances of infections. Keeping your nail trimmed will prevent infections and keep the body healthy.


Brush and floss. Clean your mouth after every meal. Brush and floss your teeth twice a day. Brushing your teeth minimizes the accumulation of leftover particle of food in the mouth that can cause decay and gum disease.

Wash your hands. You should wash your hands before preparing a meal, eating food, after coughing or sneezing, shaking hands, using ATM and after throwing garbage every time. These habits prevent from getting infected. Use sanitizer and wash your hand for at least 30 seconds.


Sleep tight. Sleeping also comes under the good hygiene habits. Our body needs plenty of rest to get refreshed for the next day. Take 8 to 10 hours of sleep daily. Lack of sleep also hampers the immune system and makes you lethargic throughout the day.


Stay at home when you are sick. Stay at home from school or workplace when you feel sick. The chances of spreading germs increase in others, so it is better to stay at home and take rest.


Avoid sharing food and water. Avoid sharing food, utensils, drinking glasses, dresses, towels and other personal stuff. Use disposable utensils and cups at the public place. Avoid sharing bottles of water with others.



Change your bedsheet once in a week. You should change your bed sheet as often, if not more at least once in a week. Change your cover pillow at regular intervals it protect you from getting acne, pimples, and another infectious disease.


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