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With the outbreak of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, most of us are self-quarantined and take precautionary measures. The coronavirus outbreak has taken over healthcare infrastructure around the world, forcing countries including India to be lockdown. As the government advising people to stay at home, healthcare providers do everything they can to help. Consequently, most hospitals have closed their outpatient departments (OPDs) due to the risk of transmission. But we can understand that all patients with general diseases and symptoms such as fever, cold, cough, stomach pain, head pain, hand pain, leg pain, knee pain, UTI infection, physical inactivity, digestive problem, sore throat, diarrhea, depression, anxiety, constipation, etc. are needed immediate consultation with the doctor. In the wake of the lockdown imposed by the Indian government to curb the spread of COVID-19, DoctoriDuniya has launched the “Online Doctor Consultation” service for patients. Online-Consultation DoctoriDuniya sets up a tool to help doctors and patients connect with each other without stepping out. The tool will help in asserting instant consultation with a doctor if patients require immediate medical attention (except emergency). The online consult service is available 24x7 hours. We believe that this is the best way to step in to solve health issues while avoiding contact. Our online consultation service, together with our highly effective electronic medical records module, can be a powerful tool for doctors and patients. We are providing this service to the doctors with zero costs. Patients can take online consultations with doctors using their phones, tablets, and laptops. We have received many queries from patients calling and panicking with minor symptoms and who wanted to consult a doctor or get tested. We want to help out as many people as possible with the right information. That's why we decided to start online consult for patients because we completely understand that medical treatment is a very essential requirement of the public. Patients can be consulted through a virtual platform, and if the patient’s problem is critical, the patient can go to the doctor’s hospital/clinic. In the online consultation, the doctor can connect with patients virtually and diagnose their problems, and also can provide e-consultation prescription. The patient can write and submit their symptoms and other medical histories prior to the doctor consultation and within 24 hours patients can receive an e-consultation slip on their account (NAINI Account). Online consultations allow doctors to assess a patient’s symptoms quickly. There are no waiting rooms or chances to be infected or to infect others. Online consult is a safe way to get advice and referrals for testing as there is no physical contact with doctors, nurses, or other individuals. As part of the DoctoriDuniya online consultation, there are qualified and medical expert doctors who provide quality medical advice on health issues and help patients determine the next steps, which may include further tests, a prescription, or lifestyle advice. The response time to get e-consultation from a doctor is within 24 hours. The platform is open for existing associated doctors, as well as for new doctors who are ready to provide their medical services to patients at this time. DoctoriDuniya being offering online consultation tools and software to all doctors absolutely free of charge. Doctors can activate the online consult facility at their existing profile at the DoctoriDuniya website along with new doctors who can also associate with us and can start an online consultation. By offering this platform to doctors for free this will help to provide timely medical care to as many patients as possible in the crucial situation; we made the interface as simple as possible to ensure maximum convenience for the patient. Considering the COVID-19 outbreak, one of the best ways to ensure get medical consultation and avoid more and more than going to the clinic/hospital is to make use of online consultation. Virtual healthcare or online consult, allows one to reduce exposure while receiving care affordably at the comfort of home. It would highly appreciable that people stay indoors and turning to online doctor consultation platforms for their healthcare needs.
“Start Online Consultation with reliable healthcare platform.”
Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.

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