It's National Hydration Day! Here Are Some Facts You Should Be Surely Aware Of...

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23 June celebrate National Hydration Day to encourage people to stay hydrated! It is observed to raise awareness about the proper hydration for a healthy life and a healthy body. It is seen that majority of people often overlook the importance of getting hydrated and then suffer from major health issues. Skipping drinking water can lead to major health risks such as dehydration, heatstroke, fatigue, kidney stone, weakened immunity, foggy memory, gastritis problem, etc.  

Water is needed by the body as it fulfills the requirement of essential nutrients. When your body lacks water, it becomes dehydrated and makes your body vulnerable to various preventable conditions. This is why it is highly recommended to drink at least 2 liters of water daily to fight off its danger. 


Here Are Some Facts You Should Be Aware Of:

1) 75 Percent of People Are Chronically Dehydrated-

According to a survey it has been found out the most of the people are chronically dehydrated and are at risk of health risk.


2) No. 1 Cause of midday fatigue-

It is found that people who drink less water or are dehydrated feel fatigue throughout the day than those who consume more water. 


3) Dehydration leads to irritation and lack of concentration-

Dehydration hampers your cognitive functioning that leads to a lack of concentration and short-term memory or foggy memory. It has been linked with anxiety, irritability, and mood swings.


4) Dehydration hampers your metabolic rate-

Metabolism is a factor that decides the energy level of your body. According to a study it has been found that drinking cold water can boost your energy level by 30%, thus increases the metabolic rate.


5) Dehydration leads to Kidney stones-

You may find every third people with kidney stones. Researchers have proved that dehydration is one of the most common causes of kidney stones. 


6) Dehydration causes unpleasant bowel problems-

Dehydration is often linked with painful constipation and other gastritis problems. When your body lacks water, the normal bowel functions get disturbed and cause unpleasant intestinal and rectal complications such as hemorrhoids and many more.


7) Your muscles will cramp-

Muscles need water to be energetic. Dehydration is linked with lower blood volumes that adversely affect the flow of oxygen to the muscles and organs. When muscles do not get sufficient oxygen, they start cramping. Hence an adequate amount of water is required for healthy muscles.


In today’s busy schedule it might be hard for you to keep your body hydrated. However, drinking water is necessary and can wreak havoc on your health when your body lacks it. 

So, here, we have listed some tips to increase water intake. 

1) Consume more vegetables and fruits that are loaded with high water content.

2) Always bring a water bottle with you wherever you go and keep it in front of your eyes.

3) Inculcate the habit of drinking water as you wake up.

4) Set short reminders that remind you to drink.

5) Encourage everyone you know to drink lots of water.

6) Last but not least, exercise. Exercise would help you keep your body hydrated.

"Stay Hydrated, Stay Healthy"

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