Joint Pain In Winter? Treat It Wisely.

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The bone-chilling cold of winter-weather can cause discomforting situation especially for the people who are middle-aged or above. The drop in temperature and the changes in air pressure can adversely affect any part of the body usually it affects joints, back, fingers and necks and creates arthritis like condition. Winter also lowers the flow of the blood circulation owing to lack of physical activity which results in inflammation, body aches and stiff joints.


The good part of the problem is you can easily manage the symptoms by taking extra care and following preventive tips. You can prevent the wear and tear of bones by effectively following healthy ways. Exercising, dressing up warmly, massaging, strengthening, jogging and walking could help lessen the pain.


1. Do not skip Exercise- 

Exercising in indoor for at least 20 to 30 minutes can be the best solution to manage joint pain. People tend to skip exercise in winter that creates stiffness and joint inflammation. Regular exercise increases flexibility and helps keep joint flexible. Avoid doing intense exercise if you have arthritis pain; opt for mild exercise such as walking or jogging.

2. Dress up warmly-

Adding extra layers of clothes would surely help prevent joint pain. Wear tight leggings, scarves, gloves and socks to stay warm.    


3. Keep yourself Hydrated-

As winter drops the temperature, majority of the people tend to skip drinking water. Dehydration causes inflammation and stiffness in the muscles and also make more sensitive to cold. So it is recommended you to not skip the glass of water.

4. Reduce your weight-

If you are obese or do not have ideal weight then you are at greater risk of developing pain in joints and muscles. Winter also favors condition where people gain weight more rapidly. So try to get ideal weight and keep yourself free from arthritis pain.

5. Stretch against stiffness-

Stretching is best exercise for the people who suffer from stiffness and immobility. It helps keep your muscle flexible, strengthen your joints and ease pain. It helps keep your joint active and mobile. So stretch yourself whenever you get time.

6. Use Warm Water-

Warm water improves blood flow and helps muscle relax. Soaking body in warm water can help reduce inflammation and ease your pain. Avoid using cold water for bathing if you are arthritis patient.



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