Kidney Infection Can Be Serious… Do Not Ignore Its Symptoms

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You must have seen people suffering from some kind of kidney problem. Kidney problems are not rare now and have already affected more than half of the generations. Being too busy in daily schedule people usually ignore following healthy lifestyles and habits that further contribute to chronic kidney diseases. These problems may range from minor to complicated and may lead to death if left untreated. Some of the commonest kidney problems that usually affect people’s overall health are hematuria, chronic kidney disease, high blood pressure, kidney failure, septicemia (blood poisoning), and pregnancy complications.
Did you know that most of the chronic kidney conditions start with a minor kidney infection? Yes, kidney infection which is often caused by bacteria and viruses adversely affects the kidney but may also cause damage to the other parts of the body such as the urethra or bladder. A kidney infection should be diagnosed and treated on time. If left untreated, the infection may spread throughout the body via blood that further leads to life-threatening conditions. However, pregnant women, newborn babies, children under the age of 2, and elderly over 60 are more vulnerable than others to develop kidney infections.
Some of the most common symptoms of kidney infection are-
A kidney infection requires early diagnosis and that proper awareness is required to prevent permanent kidney damage. Some of the commonest symptoms include-
1) Fever
2) Chills
3) Back Pain
4) Side Pain
5) Abdominal Pain
6) Frequent Urination or painful urination
7) Off-colored Urine
9) Hematuria (presence of blood in the urine )
Prevention Tips for Kidney Infections
Kidney infection does not only cause damage to the kidney but may also lead to heart diseases, high blood pressure, and stroke. Fortunately, by following healthy lifestyles and inculcating healthy habits you can highly reduce your chances of developing a kidney infection. You must follow these healthy tips to ensure good kidney health.
1) Consume a kidney-friendly diet- It is recommended to limit the intake of potassium, phosphorus, and sodium. Consume foods that are loaded with healthy nutrients such as mushroom, oats, cauliflower, onions, etc. 
2) Increase water intake- It is highly recommended to consume at least 6 to 7 glasses of water daily. The more you keep yourself hydrated, the more you avoid the risk of kidney infection. 
3) Quit Smoking- Smoking has been highly linked to an increased kidney infection. So if you are an ardent smoker, it is time to quit smoking. Smoking decreases the blood flow to the kidney which in result causes serious kidney issues.
4) Avoid painkiller addiction- The health professionals always warrant people to limit the intake of pain killers. So consult your doctor to prescribe you pain killer medicine rather than resorting to over the counter medicine.
5) Take an adequate amount of sleep- Researchers say that restful sleep helps fight off the infection as well as promotes good physical and mental health. Lack of sleep has been greatly linked with increased risk of obesity, hypertension, diabetes, heart attack, and stroke. 
6) Go for regular health screening- Regular health screening and check-ups help diagnose the problem at an early stage. And, kidney infections if diagnosed early can be cured completely. 
7) Eat enough Vitamin C rich food- Researchers say that Vitamin C kills the growth of bacteria and viruses by acidifying them. So, try adding Vitamin c rich content foods such as guava, oranges, strawberries, yogurt, etc as they help boost immunity and ward off infection.
The Takeaway-
Kidney infection can cause serious damage to overall health. So, do not delay in seeking a doctor’s help if you are experiencing above of the mentioned symptoms. Spread awareness by sharing this post. You can consult the best nephrologist through
“Stay Informed, Stay Healthy”

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