Know 5 Major Health Conditions That Are Caused By Diabetes

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Diabetes can be an extremely debilitating, damaging and life changing condition which may further cause severe health complexities. Currently, 1 out of 25,000 people is suffering from diabetes and 1 out of 10 is at risk of developing diabetes. According to some top health professionals, the occurrence of getting diabetes is increasing day by day which in result increasing the risk of some life threatening diseases such as heavy and frequent urination, kidney damage, cardiovascular problem, stroke, neurological disorder, vision loss, hormonal imbalance, and many more.

Diabetes is a bothersome and concerning problem but should not be regarded as a death sentence, as there are effective ways to manage your diabetes and efficient methods to reduce the risk of diabetes linked health problems. So it is never a doom and gloom conditions if you have got diabetes, you can control and manage it with the little changes in your lifestyle. If you control your diabetes properly, you keep yourself away from developing serious complications and future health issues. It is also recommended to follow the correct treatment plan by consulting best health professional. You can get best doctors through

Here listing some big conditions that your body may develop if you are diabetic-
1) Kidney Damage- 1 out of 4 diabetic patients suffer from kidney disease. Diabetes can cause serious threat on your kidney. It may affect its function to filter waste products from your blood. It may also increase your blood pressure and lead hormonal imbalance that adversely affect your kidney. Some of the diseases which are caused by diabetes are- chronic kidney disease and diabetic. Get your kidney tested every year if you are diabetes patient to prevent future complications.

2) Endocrine, excretory, and digestive disorder- Diabetes has been linked to endocrine, excretory and digestive disorder. Diabetes can highly affect your body’s ability to produce hormones. It can also lead immune system disorder which in response destroys body’s ability to make insulin. At some point in your life you may also experience gastrointestinal disorder such as peptic ulcer disease, stomach infections, gallstones, irritable bowel syndrome, food poisoning, etc. 

3) Heart Disease and Stroke- Diabetes make you more susceptible to develop cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke. It also increases your risk of developing high BP and may also restrict blood flow. Good eating habits, healthy lifestyle and regular exercise can help you lower your risk of these problems at great extent. 

4) Nerve Disorder- Diabetes are also associated with damage to the nerves such as diabetic neuropathy. You may experience numbness in your hand or feet. You may also experience pain in your body, sensitivity to heat and cold, digestion problem, serious infections and uncontrolled heart rate. If the problem left untreated and unnoticed, it may cause permanent disability to your body.

5) Amputation- Though not everyone experience same symptoms but are more likely to go through same risk factors. Due to narrowed blood vessels, damaged nerve systems and lowered blood circulation many diabetic patients go through amputation. Amputation is a process of cutting off infected limb from the body to prevent further damage.

 Control your disease, do not let the disease control you.
“Be Informed,Be Healthy”

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