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You might have heard about the thalassemia before, and if not, we are here to explain you. Thalassemia is a serious blood disorder that destroys the red blood cells of your blood. Red blood cells are required to carry out oxygen in all parts of the body. Patients with thalassemia require regular blood transfusions in order to survive. It may range from minor to major depending on the severity of the symptoms. It is not a condition that you get as you ages, but a medical disorder that occurs to you from your birth. 

What causes thalassemia? 
It is a hereditary condition that passes from parents to children. In this condition, both parents must carry defective gene in order to pass thalassemia-major to the child. 
What are its noticeable symptoms?
Slow growth in children
Soft or brittle bones
Enlarged spleen 
Pale or yellow skin
Dark urine
Poor appetite
Cardiovascular problems
In some people it symptoms appear from childhood and in others, it may take a couple of years to show any symptoms. Sometimes it may show no symptoms at all.
What are its types?
Minor thalassemia –Minor thalassemia is not as serious as major. But proper treatment is needed to thrive in life.      
Major thalassemia – People with major thalassemia may require regular blood transfusion in order to survive.
People with thalassemia go for the blood transfusion on a regular schedule. The transfusion schedule changes as you get old. The doctor may prescribe you medicine to remove extra iron from your body.
People with thalassemia are at risk of developing various medical complications. The most common problems associated with them are heart and liver disease. It may show adverse effects on your bones that may cause distortion, brittleness, and thinness. It may also stop your height to grow.
How to Diagnose Thalassemia?
Special blood tests are needed to diagnose it.You may also go through hemoglobin electrophoreses test to confirm it.
Ways to live healthy lives for the people with thalassemia-
1.People are advised to stay away from the food and supplements that contain iron.
2.It is also recommended to take the healthy diet rich in calcium and vitamin to keep your bone healthy.
3.Stay away from unhealthy and sick people and consult your doctor if you ever experience fever or other above-mentioned symptoms.
 "Stay Healthy, Stay Fit."

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