Know Some Facts About Bone Cancer

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Bone cancer is cancer that develops in bone. Though it can develop in any bone in the body but the most commonly affected bones are an arm, legs, and spine. There are various types of bone cancer exist that usually affect children and adult. It starts with the tumor formation in a bone. People between the age of 10 to 30 are more prone to develop bone cancer. Most popular bone cancer is osteosarcoma that usually affects arms, legs, and pelvis.

The most common symptoms of bone cancer are: 

1. Pain- You may observe mild pain at an early stage. It may become severe as time goes away.

2. Broken bones (A tumor develops in your bone that makes it weak and may break easily.) 


3. A lump over one of your bones 


4. Night sweats

5. Swelling and redness over a bone

6. Tiredness

7. Weight loss for no reason

Common Types Of Bone Cancers are-


1. Osteosarcoma- Osteosarcoma is one of the most common bone cancer that happens to people of age 10 to 30. The most affected areas are arms, legs, chest, spine, and pelvis.


2. Chondrosarcoma- It mostly happens to the people over 40. Its usually affected areas are legs, arms, and pelvis.


What causes bone cancer?

The exact cause of bone cancer is still unknown, but the studies have shown some factors that may cause bone cancers.

1. You are more prone to get bone cancer if you have the metal implant in your body.

2. Cancer treatment such as high doses, some drugs, and radiation also increases the chance.

3. Children and adults having immature bones.

4. A genetic disorder can also be one of the causes.

5. Bone marrow transplantation

6. Injuries

7. Certain health conditions.

How to diagnose bone cancer?

Imaging Test-

1. Bone Scan


2. X-rays


3. Computerized tomography (CT) scan


4. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan


5. Positron emission tomography (PET) scan



In a biopsy, a small part of the tumor is taken either by surgery or with a needle to make sure if you have bone cancer.


1. Chemotherapy

2. Radiation therapy

Some Useful Tips to Prevent Bone cancer

·    1. Stay away from smoking, tobacco,alcohol or stress.

·    2. Eat green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits. Limit your fat intake.

·  3. Regular exercise and yoga are effective in protecting certain medical disorders.

·    4. Consult your doctors for screening and detection of the condition before it spreads.

·   5. Increase your intake of turmeric, green tea, ginger as they have anti cancerous properties.




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