Know The Surprising Health Benefits Of Eating Amla

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Amla, also known as Gooseberry can be considered as a sacred superfood due to its unending list of health benefits and high nutritional value. It has been used and consumed for centuries because of its tremendous medicinal properties and health benefits. Whether it is eyes, hair, skin, brain, heart, liver, or lungs, benefits of Amla have been outstanding in improving their health and promoting wellness. 

Its anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties help improve skin quality, strengthen the lungs, promote healthy hair, enhance food absorption, improve blood circulation, energize the body, improve brain functioning, enhance fertility, flush out toxins,boost immunity, increase eyesight, improve muscle health, aid digestion process, maintain acidity, sharpen the senses,  prevent urinary infection, relieve thirst and many more

Amla is packed with Vitamin C and B, calcium, iron, phosphorus and carotene which makes it powerful and rejuvenating superfood. It also acts as a medicine for different diseases and medical conditions. It has been widely used in Ayurvedic treatment to cure diseases and deficiencies. Because of its sour and tart taste it can be used multi-purposely in so many ways. To enjoy its benefits you can consume it as a fresh Amla fruit or you can use it in form of juice, candy, chutney, capsules or powdered Amla. 
1)Promotes Healthy Hair-
There are various tonics in the market that are enriched with Amla. Its antioxidant properties improve hair growth and hair pigmentation. It helps build strong hair roots, reduce the chances of hair loss, prevent hair loss, maintain color and improve luster. The carotene content and iron present in Amla prevent hair follicles damage and premature hair loss. 
2)Promotes improved Eyesight-
Various studies have been linked to improved eyesight. It has also been found out that consuming Amla promotes good eye health, prevents the risk of eye diseases such as macular degeneration, cataracts, near-sightedness and night blindness. The nutritional value and carotene present in it are also linked to faster recovery in vision problem.
3)Treats Menstrual Cramps-
Amla has also been useful in the treatment of menstrual cramps. The minerals and vitamins present in Amla provide required nutritional value to the body and prevent menstrual cramps. So it is advisable to consume Amla to prevent nutrient deficiency that may lead menstrual cramps.
4)Fulfills Calcium requirements-
Amla is also packed with heavy amount of Calcium that satiates the calcium requirement of your body. Calcium is extremely important for healthy bones, teeth, nails and hair. So consuming Amla fulfills the requirements of calcium in your body and ensures good health.
5)Controls Diabetes-
Consuming Amla would be a great choice for diabetic patients. It stimulates the production of insulin which in results regulates the blood sugar in diabetic patients. It also helps improve metabolic rate and provide more energy. By controlling diabetes it reduces the risk of heart attack, brain fog, high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, stroke and different gastritis problem.Consult your doctor at
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