Let DoctoriDuniya wish all Indians a very happy 72nd independence day(2018)!

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Let DoctoriDuniya wish all Indians a very happy 72nd independence day! Since independence from the British rule, India has been celebrating this day with patriotic fervor and zeal. However, there are uncountable numbers of problems which are still prevailing in our country. We are still surrounded by unavoidable fears. Among those, health problems in India always top the list and taking a toll on millions of people’s health every year. Some of the most prevailing causes for concerns affecting Indians include child malnutrition, Iron deficiency (anemia), underweight, overweight (obesity), iodine deficiency, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, coronary heart disease, and cancer.

However, there exist a lot of questions that we really need to ask ourselves to lead a healthy and stress-free life - are we living a healthy lifestyle, are we taking enough sleep to revamp our day, are we living stress-free life, are we fit and healthy, are we happy? Probably no! But the solution does not lie in no. The real solution lies in making no to a big yes. Yes, you can be healthy and happy as well and highly cut down your chances of getting ill. You simply need to incorporate healthy lifestyle into your life and follow preventive measures. It is only us who are responsible for our health. So, let us take a pledge to keep your body fit and healthy from this independence day onwards. Let us help you adopt healthy lifestyle tips to restore your health.


1)  Eat healthy breakfast: Most of the people tend to skip breakfast owing to a busy life. They compromise health by skipping the most important meal- breakfast. To keep your body fit and healthy, you are required to break your morning fast by having much-needed nutrients rich food. So next time when you rush for your office without having breakfast, rest assured you take one steps towards unhealthier you.

2)   Take enough sleeping- According to experts you are required to get enough sleep at night to have sound and healthy mind. As you know that a healthy mind is needed to lead a productive life. A sound sleep also helps your body to fight off with diseases and disorders by keeping the body functions properly. Ensure you take at least 7-8 hours of sleep daily.

3)  Hydrate your body- Keeping your body hydrated will help you keep most of the illness at bay. It is recommended to drink at least 8-10 litres of water daily to lead a quality life. Hydration helps remove toxins from the body and also keep your skin healthy and shiny.

4)  Be physically active- One of the most common causes of many illness is being physically inactive. Exercising would help keep your body in the active state.

5)    Eat on small meal in short gap- People who are indulge in eating meals at big interval are more likely to suffer most of the avoidable  illness. So eat small meals at shorter interval.

On this independence day, let us all take pledge to incorporate healthy lifestyles into our life to help ward off  lifestyle related illness.


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