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Do you know that your liver is the largest and hard-working internal organ of the body? It is located under the rib cage on the right side of your abdomen. It weighs about a size of a football and performs most important functions of the body. It helps in food digestion and removes toxic substances from your body. But there are many genetic and environmental factors that can cause damage to your liver at great extent and may lead to liver damage or life threatening medical conditions. 
People who are at their 40s or 50s are at high risk of getting liver problem. It is vital to know the measures that can help prevent liver disease. It is also important to keep eye on the signs of liver diseases. In case if you are going through symptoms such as itching skin, dark colored urine, abdominal pain and swelling, dark colored stool, yellowish eyes or skin, swelling in ankle or leg, vomiting, loss of appetite, chronic fatigue, you need to consult your doctor to prescribe some test to check your liver function. Liver disease, if early diagnosed, can be treated and cured.
Here is the list you need to know that can harm your liver.
Sugar- Sugar not only damages your teeth, it can adversely affect your liver too. Excessive consumption of sugar buildups fat in the liver that can harm your liver as alcohol does. People who take more sugary drinks, sugar-sweetened beverages, candies, pastries, high fructose syrup are at high risk of fatty-liver disease as these people are either obese or overweight. By cutting down your consumption of sugar you can fight off various medical conditions.
Obesity- Obesity has been highly linked to fatty liver disease. People with obesity contain too much fat in the body that gets stored in liver cells too. Obesity is also linked to high blood pressure, diabetes, gout, colon cancer, gallstones, stroke and heart diseases.
Soft drink- According to researchers soft drinks too are linked with liver disease. Soft drinks contain lots of sodas which is one of the causes of weight gain and fatty liver disease. Cutting back your consumption you can reduce your chance of getting it.
Medication- Your single pill of your cold and headache can also harm your liver. So it is recommended to consult your doctor before taking any medicine to prevent damage.
Alcohol and Smoking- Alcohol and smoking are the number one cause of liver cancer and other life threatening disease. It can cause severe damage to your liver so it is advised to quit drinking and smoking to prevent damage.
It is medically advised to go for proper health checkup at regular interval to reduce your risk. Start paying attention to your health to keep yourself fit and healthy. Your health is a biggest asset so take care of it.
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