Loss of Appetite? Why Could This Be Happening? Know The Remedies.

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Is your desire of eating decreasing day by day? Are you experiencing absent of hunger? Are you counting up your food and finding you are eating almost nothing? So, why could this be happening with you? Is losing your hunger harmful or something to worry about? Loss of appetite can be good for those who are intentionally trying to lose weight. But at the same time, it could be dangerous to experience without knowing the underlying conditions. There could be various reasons for not eating anything or feeling of fullness as you start eating.

Your loss of appetite can be short lived or long lived which in result may completely deprive your body from essential nutrients. So, it is important for you to know what causing loss of hunger and to take measures to boost your appetite. Some of the top reasons ranging from minor to major that cause loss of hunger includes- constipation, eating disorders, liver disease, pulmonary disease, gastritis, cancer, kidney failure, hypothyroidism, older age, anemia, immune dysfunction, HIV/ AIDS, swelling and fluid retention, hormonal imbalance, sedentary lifestyles , stomach infection, depression, etc.

Ongoing loss of hunger can lead to threatening complications if not managed on time such as rapid weight loss, impaired muscle function, decreased bone mass, reduced intellectual ability, nutrient deficient (malnutrition), and difficulty concentrating or focusing. Loss of appetite can be extremely unhealthy which needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

Listing some healthy and natural remedies for loss of appetite-

1) Change Your Eating Style- Changing your eating style patterns can work wonder if you are experiencing appetite loss. If you do not feel like eating two or three big meals in a day, you can split your meal into smaller meals and can eat on a shorter duration. Try to eat at the same time daily. Avoid consuming fluid right before eating. Cut down your caffeine consumption. Eat in a relaxed environment.

2) Treat Depression- You may also experience loss of appetite, if you are stressed out and depressed. Your anxiety level can alter stress hormone which in result leads to loss of hunger. Regular exercise, meditation, practicing yoga can help treat your meditation. Spending sometime in sunlight can help boost your Vitamin D and treat your depression.Consult best psychiatric through

3) Be Physically Active- Sedentary lifestyle, busy schedule are some common cause that may lead to appetite loss. So it is highly recommended to avoid being sedentary and indulge in physical activities.

4) Identify and treat underlying problems-If you feel loss of appetite, try to know what causing it. Talk to your doctor if you experience frequent gut problems like constipation, bloated, heartburn, etc. Your doctor may recommend you some tests and may prescribe you medicine to boost your appetite. Avoid eating anti inflammatory diet, processed food, fast foods, and fried foods as it satiates your hunger soon and gives you feeling of fullness for longer. Consult best general physician through

“Be Informed, Be Healthy”

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