Managing COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Stress

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COVID-19 pandemic is affecting everyone differently. Some are coping with the loss of a job. Some are risking their lives caring for those who are sick. The pandemic could also be compounding underlying mental health issues for some peoples. For instance, patients who were already battling depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder may now be dealing with a significant amount of anxiety and stress on top of that related to COVID-19.

It's normal to feel sad, stressed, confused, scared, or angry during such kind of pandemic.

Contact your friends and family and speaking people to whom you trust will help you to abstain yourself from stress and anxiety. 

If you have to stay home during a pandemic, maintain a healthy lifestyle -including proper diet, sleep, exercise, and social contact with loved ones at home and by digital communication.

It’s very necessary that for any news related to the pandemic, you should understand and faith only credible sources such as the WHO website or other authorized digital healthcare companies like Practo, Lybrate, DoctoriDuniya, etc.

If you feel overwhelmed, talk to a health worker or counselor by using an online consultation service, which connects you to the best doctors and helps you best.



take break from news


take care of your body


take time to unwind


connect with others


together stronger


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