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It is observed that late winter and early spring create conditions which make people more prone to develop childhood illness. Among some common infections cough, cold, diarrhea, flu, food allergies, vomiting, chicken pox and measles are the most common childhood illness. Fortunately, these conditions are preventable but might also cause death if not diagnosed and treated on time.One of the highly infectious and contagious infections which affect children is measles.Measles is caused by a virus which is accompanied by fever and rashes.Before the era of vaccines and immunization, measles was one of the main cause of mortality for infants and children.Though its occurrence has reduced significantly but it still affects children to a great extent.There are campaigns that are being organized under the government initiatives to eradicate measles by the end of 2020.

What are the noticeable symptoms of Measles?
1.High grade fever
3.Runny nose
4.Watering of eyes
5.Rapid breathing
6.Muscle pain
7.Skin rash
9.Pink eyes
10.Sore throat
It might take 3 to 4 days for the rashes to appear on the skin and 7 to 14 days for the disease to appear.
How does it transmit?
Measles is highly infectious disease that is easily transmitted from one infected person to another by simply sneezing or coughing. When a healthy person inhales infected air he becomes infected and can infect others too.It is recommended to stay at home and take rest, avoid to come in contact with others and avoid attending schools.

What are the complications?
Measles usually attack under-privileged, low socio-economic and under- nourished group and may develop complications like
1. Mouth ulcers
2. Pneumonia
3.Ear infection
4.Brain infection called encephalitis
5.Failure to thrive
6.Lungs infections

Talk your Doctor Right away-
Measles can be treated at home but if its symptoms do not subside by the 7th day of the illness consulting your doctor would be the best options. Consult doctor if your child experience rapid breathing, loss of appetite, reduction in urine, high temperature, and severe hoarseness of voice. Measles also slows down the development growth and may require a long time to get back to  normal health.

Usually there is no effective cure for the measles treatment,here listing some ways by following which you can treat problems at home.

1.Use neem as it has anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial properties. It relieves in itching and helps kill germs associated with measles. 
2.Take proper sleep and rest.Resting is the best way to cure measles.
3.Use turmeric as it has anti inflammatory and anti oxidant  properties.It boosts the immunity system and speed up the healing process.
4.Increase the consumption of vitamin A and C rich foods . Such as amla, grapes,berries, apple and red pepper. 
5.Follow proper personal hygiene rule.
"Stay Healthy, Stay Fit."

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