Most common health issues during summer season

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Summer is traditionally associated with hot or warm is also associated with dry weather,The summer season brings a major change in different countries. The season brings much happiness, from chilled drinks, summer holidays, to many other things. As we know, all the seasons come with their uniqueness and specialities. we all find different seasons happier for us. The summer season  comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

During this season, diseases are more common due to rising temperatures. Health problems arising from these illnesses should not be ignored nor should they prevent anyone from having a relaxing summertime. Summer is a season of more illness days than winters. 

Most common health issues during summer season

Some of the most common diseases in the summer season include:

Heat Stroke
- Hyperthermia, commonly known as heat stroke, is the most common summer disease. It usually happens when we are on high temperatures for a longer duration.

Food Poisoning
- Food poisoning is another summer disease caused due to the consumption of contaminated food items. The warm weather acts as a favorable environment for bacteria to grow on food, leading to contamination.

- Dehydration is another common health issue that most people suffer from during the summer season. It is caused when the water consumed by a people does not meet their body requirement.

- Mumps is a viral infection and occurs in children. It is an illness caused by a virus that targets the salivary glands.

Conjunctivits (sore eyes)
- The eyes are more prone to irritation and infection during summer due to dry air and expose to UV rays.

- Children and adults can be infected when exposed to the virus. It is a highly contagious respiratory infection

Heat Rashes
- Heat rashes are red and normally occur in areas covered with clothing. It is common in children, heat rashes are caused due to hot and humid weather conditions.

- It starts with small, red rashes and a high fever. The rash then turns into blisters with crust, leaving marks on the skin.

- Being exposed to the sun for long can cause skin irritation, dryness, and cracking. If not addressed quickly, the person can experience blisters and skin peeling.

Tips to stay healthy and fit during summer season

Always stay hydrated.

A person loses more water due to the summer heat & sweating. Consume plenty of water and fluids such as coconut water, buttermilk and lemon water. Ensure that you are drinking at least 10-12 glasses of water daily.

Keep the house and surroundings clean.

To avoid contracting diseases caused by the infectious parasites, it is best to maintain good personal hygiene. Wash your hands with soap and water multiple times throughout the day. Wash your home with finial or anti germ soap.

Wear Loose-Fitting Clothes.

It is advisable to wear loose and light colored cotton clothes in the summer season. This is because dark colors tend to absorb heat and tight cloth does not allow your skin to breathe. 

Practice Healthy Eating.

From having a healthy diet either through home meals, restro deliveries, or  takouts, healthy eating practices ensures that the body's nutritional needs are met.

Get Plenty of Rest

The body heals and recovers faster when it is well-rested

Bottom Line

The summer season does not necessarily have to be gloomy. It is a beautiful time to go on vacations with friends and family. People should be remember to follow the correct preventive measures to enjoy the season and avoid its wrath. You should get proper health check-ups and consult doctors to avoid such conditions in this Corona phase the world is facing now. We can keep ourselves & our near and dears by keeping these easy measures.

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