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Sun is at its peak outside and you might be looking for the ways to avoid undesired, harmful and detrimental effects it carries with itself. If you too are in the search for healthy tips then you have landed on the right place. We have found out some important summer health tips that would help you ward off summer allergies and infections.

Summer is high time in which you may suffer from heat stroke, heat exhaustion, food poisoning, dehydration, skin infections and many others that can take a toll on your life. Staying healthy and fit in summer is easy and simple. You just need to little change your eating habits, clothing and other daily routine habits. You just need to pay attention on what to eat or what not to eat, when to eat and how much to eat. You should also be well-aware of when to visit outside and what safety measures and precautions you should follow before leaving home in scorching heat. Here we have listed some must follow healthy tips to keep your health in check. So let’s take a look at summer health tips one by one.

1)Eat Right,Stay Light- Summer is a time when you may feel loss of appetite. You might be wondering why you are experiencing it. Is it normal or something wrong? Let me clarify that it is completely normal to not feel like anything in summer. According to health professionals summer tends to reduce one’s appetite because of the excessive heat. But it is our duty to provide our body sufficient nutrients to fight heat and to keep it healthy. It is recommended to eat light foods in summer such as cucumber, green leafy vegetables, yogurt, celery, honey, apples, figs, green tea, green salad, nuts, tomatoes, brown rice, etc.

2)Drink More Water-Hydrating yourself with more and more liquid is one of the best ways to prevent summer diseases and infections. Our body sweats more in summer so the chances of being dehydrated increases. So in summer we need to pay more attention on drinking than anything thing else. It is advised to take at least 8 to 10 glasses of water to maintain energy level. You can also add orange juice, lemonade, vegetable juice or sugarcane juice as an alternative of water.

3)Use Sunscreen-Sun rays can permanently damage your skin. It may cause various dangerous skin infections and allergies such as skin rash, itching, prickly heat, irritation and inflammation. The good thing is that you can prevent your skin from harmful effects of sun’s rays. It is suggested you to apply sun cream with SPF15 or SPF 30 before visiting out.

4)Add Salad to your Diet-Salad is best source of fiber. Fiber helps improve digestion and also prevent various stomach problems such as indigestion, gastritis, food poisoning, etc.  Add more fibrous food such as cucumber, radish, carrot, onion, beetroot, etc in your plate to soothe your stomach.

5)Practice Yoga and Meditation- Yoga and meditation works wonder with your body as well as mind. It helps your body and mind attain good health. Practicing yoga in summer morning helps you in many ways. It helps keep your body and mind active, improves flexibility, tone your body, strengthen immune system and provide peace of mind. 

"Stay Informed, Stay Healthy"

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