Natural ways to prevent constipation

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There is hardly a chance that you have never ever had constipation. It has become one of the commonest health problems that not only affect the quality of life but also physical and mental health if suffered from long. Though the uncomfortable condition can affect any age group of people but the elderly are more likely to get affected with it. Due to its discomfort symptoms, it may cause other problems ranging from gas, bloating, anxiety, mood swing, back pain and many more. There is no exact cause for constipation, conditions like lifestyle changes, medication, disease, poor diet, inactivity, emotional stress, poor sleep, traveling, dehydration, aging, low fiber diet, etc are known to contribute highly.  

The good news is that you can prevent yourself from frequently getting affected with it by following list of below mentioned natural ways.

1) Consume high fiber food- Consuming high fiber fruit help you stay million steps away from constipation. Health professionals recommend increasing the fiber intake as it helps increase the consistency of bowel movement. Foods like green leafy vegetables, beans, sweet potato, apples, chia and flax seeds, broccoli, etc are high are fiber.

2) Drink warm liquid- Drinking warm water in the very morning helps clean your digestive tract as it stimulates bowel movement. Also, make sure that you are consuming at least 8 glasses of water daily to keep yourself well hydrated.

3) Consume prunes and figs- Prunes and figs are highly packed with fiber helpful in preventing and treating constipation. That being said, they are also high in antioxidant properties warding off many other illnesses.

4) Be active- A sedentary lifestyle has also been associated with constipation. Physical movement is required for a smoother and better bowel movement. You are also recommended to do exercise, yoga, dancing and running to keep constipation at bay.

5) Stress less- According to doctors stress and constipation go hand in hand. Taking stress changes the hormonal balance in the body affecting many body functions including bowel movement.

Note: Constipation is a stressful condition and may frequently occur due to some serious health conditions. You should talk to your doctor to know the underlying cause if you are one of them.

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