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In India, 5% of total population is suffering from obesity. It affects the people of all ages. Unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle, physical inactivity and consumption of alcohol are some of the leading causes of obesity. Obesity or overweight is a complex medical condition that increases the chances of getting several health issues. A person is considered as obese if his BMI is 30 or above. BMI is an index to calculate body fatness. Having so much fat in the body can lead to medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cancer etc.

Causes of overweight or obesity-

Unhealthy habits- Unhealthy eating habit has become today’s culture. Overeating, endless snacking, skipping breakfast, eating too quickly, not getting enough sleep, indulgence in junk food are some of the most common causes of obesity.

Your Lifestyle- Sedentary lifestyles such as lack of physical activity, exercise, sitting for a long duration, playing video games or using mobile phones or computer for a longer time increase the chance to develop obesity.

Your genes- The chance of getting obesity increases if one of your parents is obese.




Emotional concern- Depression, emotional stress, anxiety or chronic pain also lead to obesity.

Trauma- Marital or family problems, physical or emotional abuse or chronic stress can also be the reasons for obesity.



Alcohol and smoking- Excessive consumption of alcohol or smoking lead to obesity as they are high in calories.

Certain medicines- Certain medical conditions and medications can also lead to weight gain such as hyperthyroidism.

Here are some factors that can increase the quality of life and reduce obesity if we follow them.

1. Exercise regularly

2. Eat healthy food

3. Get proper sleep

4. Drink enough water a day

5. Encourage physical activity

6. Avoid junk food

7. Don’t gulp instead chew your food properly

8. Avoid soft drinks

9. Avoid eating under stress

10. Never drink water immediately after your meal


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