On this World Health Day, we are sharing with you some key steps to follow to live a longer, healthier and happier life.

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World health day is celebrated as a global health awareness day, every year on 7th April, across the globe. It is a global health campaign started by World Health Organization in 1948. Since then, the attention is drawn to the subject of major importance to global health and public issues on this day. The theme for this year is “Universal Health Coverage: Everyone, Everywhere” which is fully devoted and focused on ensuring that everyone should have access to quality and standard health care services, wherever and whenever they need them without having difficulty in paying medical bills. understands the value and importance of good health and is passionate to delivering best of its knowledge, effort and time to encourage people live healthier and happier life. We know that staying fit and healthy are the keys of productive and balanced life. In this extremely busy and hustle bustle of the life we forget or ignore to take care of the body and somehow we take it for granted. But as we know, it is never too late to start doing things and adopting steps that can lead a healthier you.
On this World Health Day, we are sharing with you some key steps to follow to live a longer, healthier and happier life.
1) Get Regular Health Checkup Done-
So what? You do not have any health issues. You never get sick. You never experience any symptoms and signs. Do you know there are uncountable numbers of medical conditions that start showing symptoms in your body when it is too late? And, also there are certain medical conditions that do not show symptoms at all. We only come to know about these conditions when they are diagnosed or when they become incurable. So do not let this happen to you. Do not let your disease take control of your body. You can reduce the risk of inconsistency by getting health checkup done at regular time. So make sure you book your appointment for health checkup to prevent severe threat on your health. To book your appointment visit
2) Eat Healthy to Stay Fit-
Your quality of meal plays a vital role in keeping your body in shape and fit. Whatever you eat directly affects your physical as well mental health. Our health depends on the quality of diet we take. According to a study, nutrient deficient diet has been linked to anxiety, depression, obesity, and many more which in result may lead to severe health problems. So it is recommended to take nutrient rich diet. Add more fruits and vegetables to your plate. Never skip breakfast. Prioritize your health by taking healthy and small meals at a short duration. Keeping yourself hydrated is also one of the effective ways to ward off diseases. 
3)Meditate and Stay Happy- 
One of the effective way to prevent getting health complications is meditation. Meditation helps you embrace your spiritual side. It gives you a sense of peace and calm. It helps counter your stress, depression, worry and negative thoughts. It will keep you light hearted and happy. It will also help you maintain a healthy mind. Stay happy or try to do things that you love. It will help you keep healthy and happy. Regular workout also helps you lift up your mood and keeps your body fit.
4)Lose extra weight- 
Work to get healthy weight. Work to reduce your extra weight if you are overweight or obese. Being an overweight has been linked to various health risks such as high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, depression, etc. It is recommended to consult your dietician to know more about the healthy foods and tips to reduce weight gradually.
"Stay Healthy, Stay Informed"

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