Oral Cancer Is Emerging. Know Its Symptoms and Causes.

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Oral cancer is one of the most leading forms of cancers followed by lung cancer among men and breast and cervical cancer among women, according to research done by the Indian Council of Medical research. Every year more than 3,00,000 cases are identified with tobacco-related cancers that can be completely prevented by incorporating healthy lifestyles and regular screening. Based on the studies, it is found that at least 2000 patients with oral cancers die every day. 
Oral cancer has been highly linked to tobacco consumption. People with a habit of smoking are at equal risk of developing oral cancer similar to the people who consume tobacco. Tobacco contains some dangerous chemicals which primarily attributes to oral cancer. One of the most common forms of cancer among all oral cancers is Squamous cell carcinoma which usually starts from a minute lesion in the mouth and may lead to incurable sores. The most affected parts are the tongue and the floor of the mouth. If not detected earlier, it spreads to the other parts of the body and leads to deadly consequences.
Oral cancer and Mouth cancer can develop in any of the parts of the mouth such as-
• Lips
• Gums
• Tongue
• Inner lining of the cheeks
• Roof of the mouth
• Floor of the mouth
• Head
• Neck
What are the common causes of mouth cancer?
According to oncologists, mouth cancer or oral cancer develops when the changes occur in cells inside of the mouth or on your lips. This causes the change in the cell’s DNA which in results causes healthy cells to die and cancerous cells to grow. Though it is not very much clear that what actually leads to mouth cancer but doctors have identified certain risk factors that may contribute to mouth cancer.
• Consuming tobacco such as cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco and snuff, etc.
• Excessive alcohol consumption
• Excessive sun exposure to the face usually lips
• A weakened immune system
What are the common symptoms of mouth cancer?
Though, it is found out that most of the mouth cancer patients share the same symptoms which may include:
1) A sore on the lips or inside of the mouth that doesn't heal
2) A sore that starts bleeding
3) An unusual growth, lump, or thickening of the skin in the mouth
4) Loose teeth
5) Pain in the tongue
6) Poorly fitting dentures
7) Jaw pain or stiffness
8) Difficult or painful chewing
9) Difficult or painful swallowing
10) Sore throat
When should you consult a doctor?
It is advisable to consult your dentist if you experience any of the above-mentioned symptoms. If your symptoms last more than two weeks and start bothering you, you are recommended to get tested by your doctor.
How to prevent mouth cancer?
There are some healthy ways by incorporating which you can reduce your risk of mouth cancer to a great extent.
1) Quit tobacco consumption or don't start.
2) Quit alcohol consumption as it makes your mouth more susceptible to develop mouth cancer.
3) Eat healthily, eat fresh. Eat fruits that are packed with anti-oxidants properties. Fruits and vegetables are packed with minerals which reduces the risk.
4) Avoid direct sun exposure. Apply sunscreen product on lips or face before visiting in broad daylight.
5) Last but not least, visit your dentist regularly.
Mouth Cancer can be treated if diagnosed earlier with strong willpower and the right treatment. So, if you observe any sign or symptoms do not ignore the problem, go and consult a qualified dentist or dental surgeon.
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