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Diarrhea, vomiting, flu, fever, jaundice are some more common summer related diseases that can trap anybody especially children during summer which is inconvenient, unpleasant as well as painful. With the rise in temperature, one has to be more cautious to prevent diseases. In the scorching hot weather, due to bacterial infection, diarrhea hits mainly infants, children and younger people that lead to severe gastroenteritis within the stomach and intestines. Summer diseases can be followed by other ailments like abdominal cramps, loss of appetite, nausea, mild fever, unconsciousness, headache, weight loss, and vomiting. These diseases are mostly transmitted through contaminated water, unhygienic food and stress or sometimes can be a signal for the underlying medical condition. Diagnosis of these conditions is sometimes quite hard, leading to terrifying and chronic situations. However, to avoid these situations during summers, it is recommended to follow preventive measures which include hygienic rules that ensure better health.

Below are the certain strategies that should be adopted to avoid the occurrence of diseases in summers.

Wash your hands repeatedly and properly-

Summer diseases can hit you by coming in close contact with infectious organisms, viruses, bacteria and parasites which are the most common during summers. Moreover, due to excess sweating in summer, it is easy to pick on germs on your hands which can spread very fast. To ensure safety from these, it is recommendable to keep cleaning your hands or sterilizing them from time to time during summers. Moreover, while cleaning your hands with soap and water, make sure to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. Remember, the more you clean your hands, the more you will save yourself from harmful bacteria into your body.



Avoid eating undercooked foods-

It is advisable to cook foods like meat, fish, seafood and eggs properly before having them as they may contain live infectious parasites and bacteria which can result in chronic diseases. Also, drink plenty of water so that the toxins and any other kind of infectious virus, bacteria, and parasites present in the body are drained out from the body naturally. Due to excessive loss of water through sweat during summers, it becomes important to frequently intake fluids in the body by consuming it orally. Sometimes you can go for a mild antibiotic or should consult the doctor if you suspect any of the above mention symptoms.




Avoid antibiotics as far as possible-

Antibiotics tend to interfere and upset the normal functioning and microbial balance in the intestine and thus, can cause acute infections leading to potential diseases. During scorching summers especially, you should try to reduce the consumptions of antibiotics for minor infections and switch to other natural remedies. Before taking any medicines, remember to read the labels carefully and take doctor’s consultation.



Avoid foods which are acidic and spicy in nature-

During summers our body is more susceptible and prone to chronic diseases and is vulnerable to higher risks of getting infected. During summer one should always avoid the intake of acidic fruits and spicy foods. Since every person’s body reacts differently to different food types, it is important to judge and keep a note of the foods which are sensitive for you and restrict the intake of the same to keep summer diseases away. Cut down your coffee and tea intake during summers as they are acidic and diuretic in nature and can cause dehydration.






Wash raw foods before eating-

It is advisable to wash raw foods like fruits and vegetables properly with safe water before consuming them as their surface contains microorganism which can result in causing acute infections and ultimately chronic diseases. Also, freshly cut salads and fruits should be eaten immediately. Remember to keep yourself away from anything that can lead to the breeding of parasites and viruses which can cause diarrhea, food poisoning and vomiting.








Adapting healthy habit-

To avoid summer diarrhea, flu, food poisoning minimize coming in contact with a heat wave, polluted environment, and direct sun exposure or roadside animals. Keep away from any kind of infections by focusing and adapting to healthy habits. Also, exercising, yoga, meditation and practicing good stress management therapies can avoid a possibility of chronic diseases.



Have more of fluids-

During the summer months, make sure to intake lots of fluids and fresh juice so as to keep your body hydrated. Drink lots of water, but make sure not to drink contaminated water as it contains infectious microorganisms that result in water-borne diseases as most of the infections continue to thrive and breed in impure and contaminated water.



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