Proven Ways to Add More Healthy Years to Your Life

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Did you know that sticking to certain habits and following healthy lifestyles you can add more years to your life? Yes, adopting low-risk lifestyle factors in your life can increase your life expectancy. According to researchers adding more years is as simple as incorporating new healthy habits into your daily routines. By making a few changes in your lifestyle you could spend more time on this earth. These changes if followed early enough can add more than a decade to your life.

So, if you are one of them who are on the lookout to add more healthy and happy years to your life then this post is surely for you. In this post, you will get to know about the things that would help you increase your life expectancy by reducing the risk of dying early. Some of the most researched and preferred low-risk factors include: walking regularly, eating healthy, regular exercise, cutting down alcohol consumption, maintaining healthy body weight, etc.

Let’s know the factors that can extend more years to your life.

1) Walk regularly- Walking is one of the best ways to increase life expectancy. So find a way to walk. A brisk and regular walk can add more healthy years to your life. It has uncountable benefits on your health. It improves sleep, helps maintain a healthy weight, prevents obesity, reduces stress, reduces the risk of chronic diseases, and keeps you active and fit.

2) Follow 80% rule- Eat until you are 80% full. This is one of the most important philosophies Japanese follow. And that is the reason they live longer and happier. Do not eat until you are full or satisfied.

3) Eat healthy- Healthy eating and increased life expectancy goes hand in hand. Unhealthy eating increases the risk of lifestyle diseases and reduce years from life. It is recommended to add more veggies and fiber-rich foods into your diet. Avoid unhealthy fats, spices and processed foods to keep your gut healthy.

4) Quit smoking- Smoking can wreak havoc on your health. It is one of the leading causes of illness as well as death over the globe. It makes the body more prone to develop conditions like diabetes, heart problems and lung diseases. By quitting smoking you can add healthy years to your life.

5) Regular Exercise- Engaging in exercise can wonders with your health. A 30 minute exercise is more than enough to beat risk factors that can cause early death. Exercise helps keep your body fit, improves cardiac health, reduces risk of cancer, strengthens your bones, build muscles and add years to your life.

6) Maintain a healthy weight- Healthy weight is a key of healthy body. Being overweight does not only decrease confidence but can put you at risk of various chronic diseases and disorders.

“Be Informed, Be Healthy”

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