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Do you often find it difficult to climbing stairs or a sudden pain after sitting for a long time? What is that continuous excruciating pain in your back, elbow or wrist? It could be the symptoms of arthritis. No need to worry, we have some proven ways that would help to beat arthritis naturally.

In a moment I’ll tell you how to fight against arthritis, but first, you should know what arthritis is, what the causes are and how one can save himself from getting it.

In fact, arthritis is the term collectively used for more than 100 medical conditions that affect nearly 180 million adults and children in India. According to a statistics, approximately 15% of the total population of India is suffering from this crippling disease which requires immediate medication.

Arthritis is defined as an inflammation of joints that leads to pain, swelling, and stiffness around the joints. Arthritis is classified under various categories. It is important for a person to know which type of arthritis he is suffering from.

Most arthritic conditions come under one of two categories: osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.



Pain in the ankle, back, fingers, hands, heel, joints, lower back, muscles, neck, or wrist.

Joint swelling.


Redness of skin around the joints.

Restricted motion



The likelihood  of developing arthritis increases with the increase in age

Being overweight puts an extra pressure on your joints.


previous injuries.

Excess participation in sports

Infections in the joint.

Ways To Beat Arthritis-

1- Beat arthritis with your diet-

  • Drink plenty of water and avoid highly caffeinated and sugary beverages
  • Eat plenty of  fruits and green vegetables
  • Eat fish, which provide Omega-3.
  • Eat plenty of raw vegetables and grains. The fiber will help drain out mineral and acid build-up and keep your digestive system free of infectious bacteria.
  • Avoid foods including red meat, saturated fats, fried foods, sugar, dairy products, refined carbohydrates,alcohol, and caffeine that cause acidity as these are diuretic in nature.

2- Regular Exercise-

Regular exercise is beneficial for people with arthritis. It helps in strengthening muscles and increase flexibility, reduces joint pain and helps fight against fatigue. When arthritis starts haunting your life, exercise keeps you moving. 


Exercise may help you improve your health and fitness without hurting your joints.

  • Strengthen the muscles in your body
  • Help you balance bone strength
  • provide energy to get through the day
  • Make it easier to get a sound sleep
  • Help you control your weight 


3- Using heat and cold treatment-

Two of the least inexpensive and effective method to relief pain is heat and cold treatments.

Heat treatments

Take a warm shower or bath to relax and ease body stiffness.

Use a heating pad available at the drugstore  for at least  20 minutes at a time. 

Use heated swimming pool

Use warm and moist towel or cloth over the affected area for 15 to 20 minutes.

Soothe painful hand joints by applying warm mineral oil to them and placing your hands in hot tap water for 10 to 15 minutes.


Cold treatments

Wrap a bag of ice in a towel to protect the skin, and apply to painful areas atleast 20 minutes.

Have an ice bath or submerge your affected areas in a container of ice and water.

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