Reasons Why Most of the People Struggle to Lose Weight

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Are you also one of them who are continuously struggling to lose weight? Does the title sound familiar to you too? Do you also find it hard and challenging to lose unwanted and unexplained weight gain? Are you also fighting to shed excess kilos of your weight? If your answer is yes to all, then you are not alone. According to a study 8 out of 10 people struggle and fail to lose weight and this situation is more common with women.Expert says, women find it more challenging to lose weight as compared to men. 

Your excess weight can add to your woes. It does not only harm your self esteem and confidence but also leads to premature aging and death. Excess kilos of weight put you at risk of developing life- threatening diseases such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, stroke, sleep apnea, etc. One study has shown that your extra kilo of weight may reduce your lifespan and also increases your chances of dying early.

Losing weight can be a challenging task for you but not impossible. If you better figure out what causes you gain weight and ways to lose it, you can easily shed some weight. Here listing some of the causes that may contribute to your weight gain and steps to overcome it.

1.Your unhealthy food consumption- One of the top most causes of your excess weight which contributes to your weight gain is your unhealthy food consumption. If you badly want to lose weight, the very first thing you should do is to cut out processed foods, unhealthy chips, sweets, cookies, sodas and full- fat foods from your diet. Eat more healthy foods such as fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, eggs, salad, yogurt, soups, etc.

2.You are not doing right exercise- You may be worried about your weight gain even after spending long hours at the gym. You might be doing wrong exercise. Talk to your trainer if you are not getting results. You may require strength training or some intense workout.

3.Your Hormonal Imbalance- You are working hard to shed excess weight, but not getting results. This might be due to your hormonal imbalance. Our body works effectively and properly when it is hormonally balanced. When it comes to excess weight gain you might be suffering from thyroid problem. Ensure you timely visit your doctor to know your health status.

4.Your stress also contributes- Your stress may also contribute to excess weight gain. If you are stressed, depressed and worn out, there are high chances of getting weight as it increases your appetite and encourage your craving for fatty and unhealthy foods.

5.You do not get enough sleep- If you feel tired, enervated and overweight; you might not getting enough sleep. Your unscheduled bedtime and not getting enough sleep also contributes to your weight gain. So next time if you go to your bed ensure you take at least 7 to 8 hours of sound sleep.

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