Restless Leg Syndrome: Know the surprising causes and symptoms of the disorder

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Do your legs hurt mostly at nights? Does your leg pain interrupt your quality sleep? Do you suffer from excruciating pain after prolonged sitting or standing? Do you feel the uncontrolled urge to move your leg after unexplained disturbing sensations? Does your leg pain adversely affect your work-life balance and productivity? If you are one of them who are experiencing most of these symptoms then you might have developed restless leg syndrome.
According to the expert neurologist, more than 25% of people especially adults suffer from this syndrome. Though, it is not a serious disease that warns you of immediate medication or doctor consultation but knowing the underlying conditions behind the pain may prevent you from life-threatening conditions and future complications. Sometimes the unusual leg pain can be due to some serious health conditions which if not treated on time, become difficult to cope up with.
Restless leg disorder is associated with numbers of symptoms. Some of the most common ones include:
1) Unexplained disturbing sensation in legs
2) Excruciating pain while sleeping 
3) Severe leg pain after prolonged inactivity
4) Itchy sensations
5) Sleep disruption
6) Poor quality of life
7) Increased stress
8) Excessive daytime sleep
9) Uncomfortable tingling and burning
Though, the severity of the conditions might vary from person to person which may range from mild to severe. Most of the people generally experience it in the evening or at night that may cause insomnia which in result impair the quality of life.
Some of the top medical conditions that have been highly linked to Restless Leg Syndrome include:
2) Some tumours
3) Hyper Thyroidism (over- or underactive thyroid glands)
4) Pregnancy
5) Cigarette smoking
6) Vitamin and mineral deficiency
7) Severe kidney disease 
8) Damage to spinal nerves
9) Rheumatoid arthritis 
10) Alcohol
11) Certain medications or substances
12) Excessive caffeine consumption
13) Gender
14) Anaemia
15) Diabetes
We have listed down some of the most common causes of Restless Leg Syndrome: 
Varicose veins: Varicose veins are swollen and enlarged veins that cause itchiness, pain and discomfort. If not treated, this condition may cause severe pain, leg ulcers, skin discolouration, or even vein rupture. Treating varicose pain may bring relief to your restless leg pain disorder.
Gender: It is believed that hormonal disorder in women makes them more susceptible to develop restless pain disorder than men. Being on medication to treat hormonal imbalance may cause relief to your leg pain.
Pregnancy: According to top health experts, 25% of pregnant women go through restless pain disorder which goes away after delivery.
Renal disease: One of the worrisome conditions for your restless leg syndrome is renal (kidney) disorder. It is seen that people who undergo dialysis experience restless leg syndrome.
Wearing heels all the time: Wearing high heels every day can take a toll on your leg. So it is highly recommended to opt for flat slippers or shoes or those with small heels.
Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. So, if you are experiencing any of the above-mentioned symptoms, consult your doctor nearby to know the real causes. As avoiding your problem may lead to untreatable conditions. Your doctor may prescribe you some diagnostic tests to treat it completely.
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