Root Canal Treatment : Need, Complications and Instructions

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How do you know that your tooth needs a root canal treatment? The answer is apparently clear. Here are some symptoms that will tell you if you need root canal treatment. If you experience a severe and chronic toothache and pressure in your mouth that lasts long for days, or feel extremely sensitivity and swelling in your gums or continuous pain on one side of your head or in jaws, you should not wait and consult your dentist for the treatment right away. The doctor might suggest you a root canal procedure, an effective way of preventing the tooth from further damage and relieving the pain. Let’s know more about root canal therapy.



What is root canal treatment?

A treatment used to prevent and repair badly decayed and infected teeth through a surgical procedure is called a root canal treatment. During root canal treatment the infected nerve and pulp are removed and the center of the tooth is cleaned and sealed thoroughly. The root canal is a cavity formed inside of the teeth due to damage and infections. In this treatment, the cavity is properly cleaned and filled with ceramic or natural material.

Why it is necessary?

1. A severe and chronic toothache

2. Extreme cold or hot sensitivity

3. Persistent jaw pain

4. Gum infection

5. Swelling in the gum.

6. A deep cavity inside the tooth

7. Inflammation

8. Infected tooth

9. Trauma or fracture

10. Decayed tooth

Complications of a Root Canal

Another risk is developing an infection at the root of the tooth if some of the infected material remains behind or if the antibiotics aren’t effective.



X ray test – To confirm the condition of teeth the dentist performs X-ray test.


How long do root canals last?

A root canal lasts as long as possible if taken care properly.


Are there any alternatives to a root canal?

Tooth extraction- The sole alternative to having a root canal is a tooth extraction.


After the root canal treatment, you should strictly follow your dentist’s instructions. Proper care is necessary to maintain healthy teeth. The following are the tips to follow after root canal treatment:

Take your medicine as directed

Pay attention to your pain levels

Keep your mouth clean

Avoid hard and crunchy foods

Do not put pressure on your infected teeth


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