Serious Life Threatening Conditions That Requires Emergency Medical Care

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It is human tendency to ignore the unusual changes or symptoms that occur to their body. The sad part is, either we do not understand them that these symptoms can lead severe complexities or we do not pay attention due to lack of seriousness. We ignore these changes until it turns out to be a serious illness or life threatening diseases. In contrast to this, there are some serious symptoms that instant occur to the body and requires immediate medical assistance and if not treated in time can permanently disable you or even result in death. 


It is highly important for us to listen to our body as it continuously sends signals and warning if anything unusual occurs to it. Little carelessness and ignorance can take a toll on your health as well as body. It requires only little effort to be more conscious about your health. You can greatly reduce your risk of unexpected death if you treat these symptoms immediately. 

Here is a list of some common symptoms which require immediate medical assistance-

You should never ever avoid these symptoms at any cost-

1. Shortness of Breath- 

According to the health professionals, shortness of breath is something, which requires immediate medical assistance. It is a problem that cannot be ignored and treated on the same time. It is also important to know the underlying causes of it. Shortness of breath can be due to various problems, it can be due to respiratory disease such as pneumonia, tuberculosis or some respiratory infections or cardiovascular problems such as cardiac arrest or heart attack or blocked arteries. So if you experience fast breathing or shortness of breathing, you really need to rush to the hospital.

2. Chest Pain- 

If you experience extreme discomfort and tightness in your chest, it can be due to various serious complications. It can be due to cardiac problem such as heart attack. You may also experience sweating, nausea, and vomiting. You may also feel pain in arms, jaw and back. Chest pain can also be due to GERD problem, though it is not serious but may lead to chronic disease if not taken care on time. So immediate contact to your nearby hospital if you experience chest pain. 


2. Intense Abdominal Pain-

Abdominal pain is a condition; we usually avoid or try to treat it at home. But if it is intolerable or severe and does not go away after short duration, contact to your doctor. There are various conditions that cause intense abdominal pain; it may be due to digestive malfunction or appendicitis. It may also be due to serious condition such as acute pancreatitis. So do not avoid these symptoms and talk to your doctor as soon as possible.

4. Intense Headache-

Though headache is a most common problem, majority of people suffer from. But if it intense and sharp and extremely unusual, you really need not to ignore. There are various life threatening conditions such as stroke, aneurysm (weakening of an artery wall) that cause intense headache. It should not be avoided and treated on time. Consult your doctor without any delay.

5. Unusual Bleeding-

If you experience unusual rectal bleeding, vomiting blood or coughing up blood. You should talk to your doctor soon as   it may be sign of colon cancer, oesophagal cancer, tuberculosis, bronchitis or pneumonia. These problems should not be avoided and should be diagnosed and treated on time. 

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"Stay Informed , Stay Healthy"


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