Simple Safety Precautions Tips During and After Flood

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As water levels are rising and the flood is affecting many areas. The chances of getting infections and diseases are increasing due to poor sanitation, overcrowding, and dead animals. Prevention from the outbreaks of typhoid, hepatitis, cholera, dysentery and other diseases has become necessary. The best way to prevent this from happening is to follow certain measures. We recommend you all to follow the precautions in order to avoid the outbreak of the epidemics. Here we are listing some healthy precautions methods, you must follow.

1. Avoid or limit direct contact with floodwaters contaminated by remains of animals, toxic and hazardous substance.

2. Use safe and clean water and food.

3. Use hygienic handwashing techniques before eating, drinking or touching face especially after visiting public places.

4. Avoid using water from wells until it has been found to be safe and potable.

5. Filter the water using a piece of clean cloth to remove contaminated solid particles.

6. Drink boil water.Boiling of water kills microorganism such as bacteria and viruses that lead to various flood-borne diseases i.e. diarrhea, cholera, encephalitis, and malaria.

7. If there are no facilities to boil water, Add 4 drops of liquid laundry bleach per liter of water. 

8. Add one teaspoonful of bleaching powder to 25 liters of water

9. Avoid throwing household garbage into the street.

10. Do not use food that may have come in contact with flood water.

11. Throw away food that has an unusual odor, color, or texture. 

12. Clean your hands using disinfecting soap before drinking and eating.

13. Treat cuts or open wounds and limit exposure

14. Consult your doctor for the vaccination.

15. After coming contact with contaminated water, try to bath as soon as possible with antibacterial soap, as it prevents from getting bacterial infections. 

16. Avoid eating, or cooking foods until you have properly washed your hands.

17. Immediately seek treatment if you suspect any symptoms for any medical conditions like diarrhea, stomach upset, sudden illness, or infection observed.

18. Apply insect repellents to clothing and skin to prevent insect bites.



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