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Encephalitis is an extremely fatal and life threatening disease that debilitates and kills thousands of children every year. There are various causes but the main cause is the viral infection. Its symptoms vary from mild to severe such as fever, headache, extreme fatigue, personality changes, vision defects and even paralysis. Sometimes it leads to death also. There are various ways that should be followed to prevent encephalitis. Listing some simple precaution methods to prevent it.

1. Practice good hygiene. Clean your hands frequently with soap and water especially after visiting public places, washrooms, toilets, before and after the meal.

2. Don't share utensils. Avoid sharing your meal and utensils with others, as it spreads infection from one to other.

3. Teach your children good habits. Teach your children good habits and give knowledge about good hygiene. Make sure they practice them well.

4. Get vaccinations. Keep your children vaccinated. Before visiting other places, consult your doctor about recommended vaccinations for different locations.

5. Dress to protect yourself. Wear fully covered, long-sleeved dresses if you're outside where mosquitoes are found easily.

6. Apply mosquito repellent. Mosquito repellent like DEET should be applied to both the skin and clothes.

7. Use insecticide. Use the insecticide to kill mosquitoes and ticks.

8. Avoid mosquitoes. Stop visiting unnecessary places to prevent mosquito bite. Avoid being outside in evening as mosquitoes are most active at that time.

9. Get rid of water sources outside your home. Try to remove standing water in your area, where mosquitoes can lay their eggs.

10. Use bed net while sleeping.

Tips for using mosquito repellent with children include:

1. Assist your children with the use of mosquito repellent.

2. Spray on clothing and exposed skin.

3. Apply the repellent in outside area to lessen the risk of inhaling the repellent.

4. Spray repellent on your hands and then apply it to your child's face. Take care around the eyes and ears.



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