Skin Burn- Know Its Types and Complications

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Burns are undoubtedly an unpleasant and painful condition which does not only cause physical pain but can also make you suffer from emotional shock if not effectively treated on time. Though most of minor burns can be handled at home but major burns need immediate medical attention and doctor’s care as it severely destroys all layers of skin and damages muscles and fat. 

According to Dermatologist, the treatment, complication and aftercare depend on the degree or severity of burn. You may get burned while cooking in the kitchen, burning the firecrackers, touching live electric wires or using broken extension cord. You may also get burned from excess exposure to heat, steam, hot liquids, chemicals or the sun. And hence the treatment may vary according to the severity of your burn. 

When you get burned, you experience painful water-filled blisters and wound on your skin that greatly increases your discomfort. You may feel increased inflammation, pain and suffer from infections which require utmost care to prevent permanent skin damage and scarring and for faster recovery. It is highly important to seek medical help if the burn is beyond natural and home treatment.

Factors which help you evaluate the degree or severity or complexity of your burn-

A) Degree of the burn-
1)First degree burns- It is categorized into the mildest form of burn injury which usually does not require medical assistance and can be naturally treated at home. In first degree burn, only the first layer of your skin gets affected which includes symptoms like redness, minor inflammation, pain, and swelling. 

2)Second degree burns- 
It is categorized into the severe form of burn injury which cause damage to the inner layer and tissues of the skin. It causes blisters, pain, red or charred skin, swelling, inflammation, and numbness.

3)Third degree burns- 
Third degree burns are categorized into the most painful type of burns which cannot be treated at home and requires immediate medical help. It symptoms include high inflammation, fluid-filled blisters, severe pain and oozing from wound.
B) Location of the burn-
Location of your burn is also one of the main consideration factors. Burns to the eyes, face, nose, mouth or neck should be treated by health professionals despite of their severity. 

C) Size of the burn-
Size of your burn is another important factor. If it is extending the size of your palm, should be treated by a doctor. Consult best dermatologist through

D) Unusual symptoms-
Consult your doctor to prevent future complexities if you experience burn accompanied by high fever, excessive swelling, bad-smelling drainage, blister filled with greenish or brownish fluid, or if it does not heal within two weeks. Consult best dermatologist through
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