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“Health is Wealth” we all have heard this saying in our life. But how many of us actually understand it. We all ignore our health because of our busy schedule and sedentary lifestyle. We should never forget the facts that the old rule always stands true.We should always give importance to our health; no matter what?. Here we are giving some small tips that can help you keep your body healthy, inspite of busy schedules.

1. Make water your best friend: It is important to keep your body hydrated, as it keeps you fresh and also prevent you from various diseases. You should drink at least 10-12 glasses of water per day.


2. Increase number of small meals: You should increase your number of small meals as it increases your metabolic rate.



3. Avoid junk food: As much as possible, you should avoid eating junk food like pizzas, burger, noodles, samosas. Go for healthy foods like brown bread sandwich with green chutney.


4. Use stairs: Prefer using stairs rather than lift. After lunch break take 15 to 20 rounds of your cabin. Prefer walking to your  colleague’s desk instead of sending mails and messages.


5. Drink Indian fluids: Prefer drinking lassi, aam paana, jal jeera, nimbu paani, bael sharbet, naariyal paani, ganne ka juice or fresh fruit juice to quench your thirst instead of cold drinks.


6. Prefer home cooked food:A void eating  cafeteria meals and prefer carrying home cooked food.


7. Restrict your caffeine intake: Excessive consumption of tea or coffee may negatively impact on your health. So it will be good for you to cut down your tea or coffee consumption. You should also reduce the consumption of sugar and cream to stay healthy.


8. Maintain good posture: If you are working all day staring your computer, you need to maintain good posture. Stretching your legs,neck and spine will be good exercise for you.






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