Some Common Leg Problems You Should Not Ignore

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Do you know there are serious health conditions that can be directly linked to various legs problems? These legs problem can be your leg swelling, leg pain, leg cramps, inflammation in leg tissues, blood clot in legs vein, cold feet, fluid buildup, patches, fungal infection, itchy skin and many more to add. These problems are usually ignored by the people, which in results can lead to severe life threatening conditions. 

There are innumerable numbers of people who experience one or more than one form of above mentioned symptoms. And rather than finding underlying conditions which actually cause the leg problem, they tend to avoid them and unknowingly increase their problem. So, if you too, have noticed any leg problem, talk to your doctor to know the actual cause of it.
Here we are listing some common leg problems you should not ignore and disregard them.
1)Swollen Feet-
Swollen feet are one of the most common and abnormal conditions, majority of people suffer from. Leg swelling can be caused due to excess of fluid buildup in the leg tissues. With leg swelling you may also experience leg pain, leg sores, numbness, itching and rashes. There are various underlying medical conditions that may cause leg swelling are- cellulitis, congestive heart failure, pregnancy, liver disease, parasite infection, cirrhosis, broken leg, salt retention, etc. These conditions can be mild to severe and may require immediate medical assistance. So it is recommended you to consult your doctor to prevent danger.
Inflammation is also one of the common leg problems which alert you that your body might have developed any disease. Inflammation occurs in feet when the muscles and tissues in your leg get swollen. It may also due to some serious inflammatory medical conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, cellulitis, etc. 
3)Cold Feet- 
You might have also experienced cold feet at some point in your lives. Sometimes it might be temporary and harmless and on the other hand it could be serious and life threatening.  There are various causes that contribute to cold feet are- poor circulation, anemia, diabetes, hypothyroidism, etc. You may also experience symptoms like fatigue, weight changes, fever, joint pain, rashes or skin thickening. 
4)Fluid Buildup-
Fluid buildup can be extremely painful or life threatening. In medical term it is called as edema. Though fluid buildup can happen to any parts of the body such as hands, arms, feet, ankles and legs but most common in legs. There are various factors which contribute to fluid buildup but conditions like congestive heart failure, kidney disease, and liver cirrhosis are most common. Fluid buildup should not be avoided and consulted with doctor on time.
5)Blood Clot In Vein-
Blood clot is medically termed as deep vein thrombosis. It is a life threatening condition that should not be ignored at any cost. The condition can be deadly and may lead to organ failure. Your lungs are the most susceptible to it. You may experience leg swelling, increased abdominal size, stretched skin, chest pain, shortness of breath, etc. Talk to your doctor right away to know the underlying causes and to prevent future complications.
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