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Are you worried and concerned about your child’s difficulty in speaking, reading and hearing? Is your child not speaking clearly and making errors in sounds? Is your child facing trouble with voice pitch and flow of speech such as stammering? Is your kid suffering from language issues like dyslexia and dyspraxia? Is your kid also experiencing difficulty with eating, swallowing and drooling? If your child has crossed 6 years of age and experiencing one or more issues as mentioned above, you should consult speech therapist right away and opt for speech therapy.
Every child has different developmental milestones according to their growing age.Some children are more shy compared to other children and are more sophisticated to learn things. Some uses facial expressions and gestures to communicate. Children with these experiences should immediately consult speech therapist. Speech therapist should have at least bachelor’s or master’s degree and should have license to treat kids. They help children build their confidence level and help them speak more clearly.
This problem is not something that can be quick fixed,it is a time taking process and requires patience to tackle it.You should also consult health professional to know the underlying condition.There are some easy ways by which you can help your children learn to speak.
1. Let them be social-Let your child be friendly with other children. Let your child communicate with others. It would be the best way to teach your child to speak.
2. Talk to them as much as possible-You can make your child to speak by talking to them. One of the main reasons for the child’s late speech is busy scheduled of their parent’s life.
3. Name everything-Call  the name of everything and tell your child to repeat that. It is also a good way to teach children.
4. Tell the story while sleeping at night-If your child has not started speaking; tell a story before sleeping.This will have magical effects in the development of communication skills in your child. If he does not give any kind of answer in the beginning, you should continue to try until you get positive result.
5. Ask them to repeat-Ask them to repeat some words while talking to them. Pay more attention to the words you use most. You can teach these words to the child by including them in their bedtime story too.
6. Copy the sounds-Copy the sounds of animals, equipment or baby toys in front of the child.Your child will repeat this voice perfectly through this, you will be able to repeat some common words used by them.
It is recommended to keep eyes on your child's  activities and talk to your doctor if you experience above mentioned symptoms. 

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