Spondylosis - All You Need To Know

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Spondylosis is a painful degenerative condition which is associated with the wear and tear of the spinal disks present in the back and the neck. It is very common in people aged above 60 and worsens with age. If you suspect you have spondylosis you should immediately consult your doctor as it can lead to severe spinal deformity and restricted mobility.

Causes of spondylosis

1. Genetics

3. Rheumatoid arthritis

4. Ankylosing spondylitis

5. Injury

6. Spinal infection

7. Tuberculosis


Its symptoms vary from person to person. Sometimes it does not show any symptoms. Some people may experience severe pain and stiffness. Some of its most common symptoms that occur to people are-

1. Pain in back, legs, thighs

2. Back stiffness

3. Muscle weakness

4. Limited range of motion with back

5. Abnormal spinal curvature

6. Lack of mobility

7. Decreased muscle strength in legs

8. Chronic pain in back

9. Headache

How to diagnose spondylosis?

Its diagnosis is based on its symptoms.

1. Blood test

2. MRI

3. Scan and X-rays


Unfortunately, there are no exact treatments to cure spondylosis, but there are some ways that help relieve the chronic pain and help maintain your quality of life.

Here are some natural ways to ease pain that is caused by spondylosys-

1. Exercise 

2. Stretching

3. Sit Straight

4. Warm bath or shower

5. Acupuncture

6. Massage

7. Yoga

How to prevent spondylosis-

Growing old is natural phenomena, you cannot stop your body from getting older. But there are lots of things you can do to keep your body fit. By following these tips you can keep your spine healthy at any age.

• Sit and stand properly.

• Learn to lift heavy objects correctly.

• Exercise regularly. 

• Attain and maintain a healthy body weight. Reduce your weight if you are over weight or obese.

• Eat healthy and well-balanced diet such as fresh vegetables, fruits, and low-fat diet. 

• Quit smoking.

• Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol.

• Give your body a rest when you feel tired

• Follow your doctor’s treatment if you are already going through it.

• Avoid physical and emotional stress.


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