Stop Feeling Tired? Know 7 Reasons That Can Worsen Your Conditions

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Do you find yourself exhausted all the time? Do you feel like not doing anything at all? Do you get it hard to take interest in the things you were passionate about? Do you always feel drowsy no matter how many hours of sleep you get? If this is the case with you and you are trying hard to get back your life into full swing, you need to work for it. You need to fix certain factors that might greatly contribute to making you exhausted.  

There are certain factors such as your sedentary lifestyles, hormonal conditions, lack of nutrient-rich diets, your exercise routine, and the amount of stress play a great role in making you fatigue and restless. Your low energy may warn you against an underlying problem that needs to be addressed soon. Let’s know what are the conditions that make you feel tired all the time. 

1) Your Thyroid Condition- 
It is found that people with thyroid disease commonly suffer from fatigue, moodiness, muscle and joint pain, change in appetite and poor work performance. Unfortunately, 60% of people are unaware of their thyroid conditions. It is believed that thyroid disorder is commonly caused by stress, an unhealthy diet, nutrition deficiency, etc. which affects the whole body and make you feel tired.
2) Sedentary Lifestyle-
Sitting all the day during office hours contributes highly in making you tired and lethargic. Your desk job and unenergetic lifestyle can cause a back-breaking problem. You may suffer from severe fatigue, neck pain, back pain, weight gain and mood issues.  
3) Depression-
Depression is believed one of the top causes of tiredness and lethargy. When you are depressed you feel low, loss of appetite and less motivated. 
4) Poor Quality Sleep-
People need to sleep at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep to feel and do their best. Quality sleep brings long-term wellness and improves your mood, cognitive performance, and good health.
5) Anemia- 
Anemia is one of the health conditions that keep you lethargic throughout the day. An anemic person has a lower normal level of RBC’s that hampers the flow of oxygen throughout the body and makes you tired. 
6) Dehydration-
A dehydrated body causes symptoms like vomiting, sweating, stress, and lethargy. When your body is dehydrated your cells do not get enough water to function properly which further leads to dehydration.
7) Blood Sugar Imbalance-
Your tiredness is highly linked with blood sugar imbalance. If you feel tired all the time, the chances are that you have a blood sugar imbalance and your body may have developed conditions like type 2 diabetes, pancreatic disorders, etc. 
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