Stroke a Life and Death Emergency

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Stroke is a life and death emergency and one of the leading causes of long-term disability and death. Every year millions of people come into the grip of stroke, some loss their life while most of them suffer from long-term disability. Stroke can be explained as a sudden stop of blood supply to the brain because of blocked or damaged blood vessel. When it comes to stroke, time plays a vital role. With the more passing time, the more damage occurs in the brain. People who get timely treatment are the ones who can get the best result. The first three hours of experiencing the stroke symptoms are considered as the golden hours in which the likelihood of getting the best outcomes increases.

Stroke may be silent sometimes and can be deadly too. It may also cause permanent damage to the brain. So, It is highly recommended to talk to your doctor about the treatment if you experience any of its symptoms. 


Here we are listing some early signs of stroke that you should never ignore, as it may lead to disability and even death –

1. Severe Headaches without any reason.

2. Numbness or Weakness in your arms, face, or leg, generally on one side

3. Trouble seeing with one or both eyes

4. Trouble staying or walking coordinated or balanced 

5. Dizziness for no reason

6. Difficulty swallowing

7. Confusion 

8. Loss of memory

9. Loss of sensation in any part of the body

10. Muscle stiffness

11. Behavioral changes

Remember the “BE FAST” Approach

BE FAST is an acronym of balance, eyes, face, arms, speech, time which is used to recognize the early signs of stroke.


If you are experiencing loss of balance or coordination while walking, you might suffer from stroke.


A sudden change in vision, double vision or blindness in one eye.


Try to smile and see if one side of the face droops.


Raise both arms and see if one arm drops down.


Say a few words or a short phrase and check for strange or slurred speech.


If you notice any of these symptoms, call an ambulance immediately. 

Following these risk, you can decrease your chances of getting stroke.

Lose Weight – If you are obese, you are at great risk of getting stroke, Obesity invites many medical complications. Try to maintain healthy BMI. Consult your doctor to advise healthy weight.

Eat a Healthy Diet– It is necessary to reduce the consumption of fat, cholesterol, sugar, salt and red meat. Eat plenty of green vegetables fresh fruits, whole grains, eggs, fish, and nuts to keep your body healthy.

Avoiding drinking Alcohol– Alcohol invites life-threatening diseases, among them the more common diseases are stroke and cirrhosis.

Exercise– Exercise keeps your body fit and healthy. It also prevents you from getting various diseases. Walk at least 20 minutes a day and avoid sitting for long hours.

Smoking– Smoking are also associated with various life threatening diseases. It also increases the risk of stroke and blocked arteries.

Get your treatment if you suspect any of the above-mentioned symptoms. If you notice symptoms call an ambulance immediately.



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