Suffering From Hair Fall – Know The Right Ways To Prevent It.

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Do you feel shy going out without covering your head? Does your hair fall make you feel awkward and sad around people? Are you also one among the millions of people who is suffering from extremely terrible conditions such as hair loss, hair thinning or balding? If you have started observing bald spots on your scalp then, you really need to worry about it as this is the condition which requires immediate medical attention.
Keeping your age and gender aside, hair loss can affect any people. Though it is more common in women. Little hair fall can be ignored but when the conditions get worse , it should be consulted with the health professional to prevent baldness. So in case if you experience hair loss in patches, bald spots or white spot, get your appointment done with city’s best dermatologist through .

Hair loss has been linked to various factors; it could be due to your high stress level, heredity (family history), hormonal imbalances, medication, emotional shock, or excessive hair styling or treatment. The good part is that you can highly reduce your chances of hair fall by following easy-to-do list.

1.Increase Protein Consumption- 
Your diet plays an important role in making your hair healthy. Especially protein rich foods are one of the basic elements require for your hair strength and growth. So it is recommended you to increase your protein consumption. Add pulses, soya products, eggs, whole grains, cereals, fish and chicken to your diet.
2.Eat green vegetables and fruits-
Fresh, raw fruits and green vegetables are packed with several nutrients which is required  by your hair to grow.
3.Keep yourself hydrate-
 It is recommended you to take 7 to 8 glasses of water on daily basis.It will help you detox your body and keep from toxins.
4.Prevent Hair Styling-
Too much styling can permanently harm your hair. You should avoid colouring , straightening and overheating to prevent damage.
5.Rule Out Medication-
There are various medicines that have been linked to hair loss. Keep eyes on your current medications as well as your supplements to prevent damage.Talk to your doctor if your medicine is doing any harm to you.
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