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Mumps, an extremely contagious disease which has not yet been completely eradicated still attacks many people with less immunity. Its virus mainly affects babies and children but adults and elderly may also get it.It is a highly contagious disease which can infect healthy people when they come in contact with infectious saliva, mucus from nose or throat, or especially when they sneeze, cough or talk.


The noticeable symptoms of the disease are that its virus develops painful swollen cheeks after showing symptoms such as high fever, headache or flu-like symptoms.Its virus called paramyxovirus which develops swelling in glands of the neck and also causes painful sore throats.

Its common symptoms lasted for 17 to 20 days which include-

1. Coughing or sneezing

2. High Fever

3. Excessive weakness

4. Swelling in glands of the necks

5. Muscle pain

6. Nausea or vomiting

7. Puffy or swollen cheeks

8. Loss of appetite

9. Pain in throat while swallowing or drinking

10. Pain in abdomen

11. Dry mouth

These symptoms may vary from person to person.It may vary in recovery period also. In some people, it can recover in 2 weeks while in others it may take more than 3 weeks.


These symptoms may vary from person to person. It may vary in recovery period also. In some people, it can recover in 2 weeks while in others it may take more than 3 weeks.


These are some commonly effective ways to treat mumps naturally-


1. Take Proper Rest- Taking rest at home is the best way to recover fast. It also helps stop the virus from spreading and boost your immune system. You should also take 8 to 9 hours sleep at night and avoid strenuous activities.


2. Drink More Fluids- Mumps make you hard to swallow your foods. You can also feel a loss of appetite. To prevent weakness consume more fluids. You should drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration and keep your immune system strong.


3. Use sanitizer- As mumps is highly contagious its virus spread more rapidly in others. Practice good hygiene, wash your hands, cover your mouth, and avoid sharing drinks, foods or utensils.


4. Use heat or ice pack- By applying heat or ice pack you can also provide relief to your pain. It lessens your inflammation, smoothes your muscle tightening or reduce joint pain.Taking a bath with Epsom salt will also provide you relief.

5. Take Natural Herbs- Natural herbs are the best alternatives to your medication. They are anti-bacterial which control stress, fight with fatigue and helps in digestion.


6. Boost Your Immunity with Healthy Diet- You may feel a loss of appetite but eating nutrient-rich foods reduce your chances to get other ailments. You should add fruits and vegetables to soups or juice. Eat eggs, garlic, onions, sweet potatoes or nut to fulfill nutrients requirements. 



If you suspect any of these symptoms consult your general physician right away.

Talk to your doctor for treatment if you have any issues related to hormonal imbalance.


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