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Do you know that an estimated of 1 in 10 people suffers from an ulcer in their stomach or small intestine once in their lifetime? Stomach ulcer also called peptic ulcer or gastric ulcer that develops painful sores or ulcers in the line of the stomach and duodenum-the part of your small intestine. It occurs in the stomach when the thick layer of mucus that prevents the stomach from digestive acids and juices is depleted. It starts damaging the lining of the stomach and causes an ulcer.
Stomach ulcers can be cured but if left untreated, can cause a severe threat to your health. So proper treatment is necessary to prevent further complications.
There are various factors that contribute to developing painful sore in the stomach. It may occur due to the imbalance of the digestive acids in the stomach. It may develop due to the infections caused by bacteria. Here are some common causes that form sores in the stomach.
1. Certain medication
2. A history of ulcers in your family
3. Alcohol consumption
4. Smoking
5. Chewing tobacco
6. Stress, anxiety, and depression
7. Spicy Foods
8. Medical complications like liver, kidney or lung disease.
9. Radiation therapy
People suffering from ulcer experiences terrible and painful symptoms which include-
1. Burning pain in the stomach and intestine
2. Bloating
3. Heartburn
4. Vomiting
5. Loss of appetite
6. Dark or black stool
7. Coffee colored vomiting
8. Weight loss
9. Unbearable pain in lower abdomen.
10. Anemia
Stomach ulcers often heal on their own but you should not ignore its symptoms as it may lead chronic health problems like bleeding, a hole in the wall of the stomach and swelling that may block the passageway between stomach and intestine.
How to diagnose stomach ulcer?
The stomach ulcer can be diagnosed by its symptoms only. But to make it sure your doctor may suggest you blood and stool test. He may suggest you endoscopy if your symptoms seem severe.
How to treat stomach ulcer?
Your doctor may recommend you certain changes in your lifestyles and habits such as smoking, drinking, and spicy foods.
Your doctor may prescribe you certain medicines and antibiotics.
Surgical treatment-
If some severe cases your doctor may recommend you surgery. If it continues to return, does not heal with medicine or bleeds.
Prevention tips of stomach ulcers-
1. It is recommended you to wash your hand with soap and water to prevent the spread of bacteria.
2. Clean all the food thoroughly before cooking.
3. Cut down the consumption of spicy foods.
4. Quit smoking and alcohol.
5. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.
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