Swine flu cases on the rise… Know more about its symptoms, prevention and treatment method.

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You might or might not know that the deadly infectious swine flu is on the rise in India again and already affected thousands of people. The swine flu is causing death toll to rise incessantly. Rajasthan, Gujarat, Delhi, Haryana, and Chhattisgarh seem to be the most hit areas with the high number of infected people by the deadly infection. So, what causes the epidemic? How to know if you got infected? What are its symptoms? Is it contagious or not? How people get infected with it? Who is more vulnerable to get infected with this flu? How can you prevent yourself from getting infected? Go through this post to know the answer to each question and make yourself updated.

The swine flu is also known as H1N1 flu is an infectious flu that causes severe respiratory infection in people. It is a highly contagious infection that passes from one person to other. It is caused by the virus, which is first transmitted by the infected pigs to people, then infected people to healthy people.

What are the Symptoms of swine flu?

Though its symptoms are not different from other common flu symptoms, so it’s hard sometimes to differentiate between the two. Some of its signs and symptoms include:


A sore throat


Runny or stuffy nose

A cough

Watery, red eyes

Body aches

A headache



Nausea and vomiting

Its symptoms may appear after 4 to 5 days after getting exposed to its infections. You are advised to consult your doctor immediately on experiencing excessive fatigue, cough, cold, body ache or changes in your breathing pattern.

Who is more prone to get infected with this flu?

Though any people can get infected with this flu, the elderly are most susceptible to this infection. People with health conditions like diabetes, heart diseases, asthma, kidney disease, pregnancy are also at greater risk. Traveling or staying in an infected area also increases your chances of getting exposed to the virus.

What could be its Complications?

Influenza can be life-threatening if not treated and diagnosed at right time. The virus can worsen the health conditions and may cause other conditions to occur such as seizure, stroke, heart attack, pneumonia, lungs failure, etc. So getting treatment on time could be a lifesaver.

You are recommended to have a flu shot to not get influenza. Avoid visiting outdoors on experiencing sickness. Wash your hands after visiting public places. Cover up your mouth during sneezing and coughing. And if possible, stay away from the crowd to keep yourself protected.

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