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Iron deficiency is a vital nutrient for the body and plays an important role in health and well-being. It is necessary for the body as it produces hemoglobin. If your body becomes iron deficient it leads to anemia. If your body lacks iron, its function would malfunction. Women are at higher risk for iron deficiency. Here are some symptoms that show your body is iron deficient.

1. You feel exhausted all the time- Iron deficiency in the body decreases the flow of oxygen to the tissues. It makes your body deprived of the energy it requires. If you are iron deficient you always feel exhausted, tired and weak.

2. You look sick and pale- If your body becomes iron deficient, you look pale and sick. Your skin, lips, gums, and bottom of the eyelids will appear less red than usual. Lack of iron in the body produces less hemoglobin and makes you look sick.

3. You get short of breath easily- When your body becomes iron deficient, you feel tightness in your chest or may suffer shortness of breath. You feel difficulty in breathing while doing your day to day work, climbing a stair or exercising.

4. Your heart is pounding- An iron deficient body may suffer from irregular heartbeats. You may also suffer critical heart problems such as heart failure or heart enlargement.

5. You have restless leg pain- When your body becomes iron deficient, you suffer from extreme leg pains and cramps. The intensity of the pain differs from person to person and may vary from intense to moderate.

6. Your head hurts- You may experience a headache for no reason. Lack of iron will make you stressful and anxious all the time. It can also affect your nervous system.

7. You're losing your hair- Iron deficiency can severely affect your hair. Due to anemia hair starts falling down does not stop until your anemia is improved.

If you are suffering from these symptoms and think you may be iron deficient, you should talk to your doctor.


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