The Health Guide- Know 5 Must Have Supplements For Women

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Based on researches and studies, women’s health has been in headlines for many reasons — but hardly for positive reasons. Estimates show there is a continuous increase in the development of diseases and deficiencies in women, which makes their health condition complicated and irreparable. Another finding states that 1 in 4 women are nutrient deficient and are more susceptible to develop disorders like anemia, depression, vision loss, obesity, osteoporosis, malnutrition, liver diseases, lungs diseases, heart problem, chronic kidney diseases, ulcers, hormonal imbalances, thyroid disorders, and the list goes on. 
It is found that nutritional deficiencies in women majorly contribute to various disabilities and sometimes irrecoverable damage. These deficiencies make more to infections; hamper the ability to recover from illnesses, adversely affect the women’s ability to survive childbirth and many more. According to the health professionals, the possibilities of these deficiencies and their related disorders can be greatly reduced by the proper and timely screening of nutritional status and recovering them through multivitamins and mineral supplements. 
It is recommended to all women to get an adequate amount of nutrients irrespective of their 20s, 40s or 60s and other social and physical factors. Consulting your doctor, knowing your nutritional status, and repairing them through the best of the supplements is a great step to prevent future deficiencies and complications.
Check out the following must take supplements that every woman should opt for.
1) Calcium-
Calcium is known to be a bone-building mineral. It would not be a lie to saying that calcium contributes an important role in maintaining healthy bone which in result maintains a healthy weight. It helps maintain teeth health for life long and prevent conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis. With that in mind, it is suggested to get an adequate amount of calcium to make your system well running. Experts recommend having 500mg to 700mg of calcium every day to prevent future complications. You are also advised to add a calcium-rich diet such as dairy products to preserve calcium level.
2) Omega-3-
Omega 3 is required by the body for the efficient working of your heart, brain, and immune system. Usually, omega 3 is abundantly found in fish and because of the fact that many women do not eat fish – they lack omega 3.  To prevent yourself from various complications such as depression, heart diseases, immune disorders, etc. it is essential to get your body nourished with omega 3. You can consult your doctor to know the best amount of nutrients your body requires.
3) Folate-
Folate is a healthy nutrient that is usually packed in green vegetables and fruits. Your body needs folate to make you look healthy. It is required for healthy skin, hair, tissues, and cells. It is a highly recommended supplement especially for the women in their child-bearing ages. Health professionals recommend having 400 mg to 800 mg of folate. You should consult your doctor to prescribe the best amount of folate.
4) Iron-
You can easily find a woman with iron deficiency. It is the most prevalent deficiencies among women, if not repair on time can lead to serious disorders. Anemia and iron deficiency also go hand in hand. So it is recommended for women to get their blood tested from time to time to prevent iron deficiency. Consuming iron-rich foods and supplements would help prevent deficiency and future complications as well. 10 mg of iron is recommended every day to preserve iron status.
5) Magnesium-
If you often experience leg cramps, anxiety, headaches, constipation, imbalance digestive systems, and lack of sleep, the chances are that you may have a magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is one of the essential minerals that help regulate the chemical functions of the body. It helps maintain bone health, boosts kidney health, and cardiac health. It is recommended to consume 400mg of magnesium per day for a healthy body.
You are highly recommended to talk to your doctor to know the adequate amount of nutrients you need to keep your body healthy. Do not let any deficiency cause any irreparable damage to your health.
"Be Informed, Be Healthy"

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